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A cancer diagnosis can be one of the most emotional moments in a person’s life. In that moment, fear, anxiety, sadness, and confusion can be just some of the feelings that take hold before their treatment journey begins. No one goes through cancer treatment alone, and this process can affect many people on a patient’s path to recovery including their family, friends, colleagues, and care team. Between all the appointments and challenges, there are often people or moments that help bring the light into a dark situation.

We asked our patients, providers, and caregivers about their stories – what kept them going, inspired them, healed them, and gave the extra nudge that helped along the way?  Whether enduring a cancer journey, caring for a loved one undergoing a cancer journey, or providing the healing for someone’s cancer journey, these stories have been assembled to be a resource for our patients and anyone facing the difficulties of a cancer diagnosis.

No one does this alone.

*These stories have been lightly edited for patient privacy and clarity.

Here are their Stories of Hope:

Click on the image to view the full Stories of Hope PDF