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Southcoast Health honors extraordinary nurses who provides exemplary inpatient care

If you have questions about nominating a nurse for the DAISY Award, please email us at

About the program

In partnership with The DAISY Foundation, Southcoast Health recognizes and honors extraordinary nurses who provide compassionate inpatient care in our three hospitals.

The DAISY Foundation, a not-for-profit international organization, was established by family members in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Patrick died at the age of 33 in late 1999 from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a little known but not uncommon auto-immune disease. The Barnes Family was awestruck by the clinical skills, caring and compassion of the nurses who cared for Patrick, so they created this award to say thank you to nurses who make a profound difference in the lives of their patients and patient families. 

More than 4,000 healthcare facilities across the continuum of care and nursing schools in all 50 states and more than 20 countries participate in The DAISY Awards. DAISY stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem.

Chief Nursing Officer, Jackie Somerville, RN, PhD, says, “We are proud to be among the healthcare organizations participating in The DAISY Award program. Nurses are heroes every day. It’s important that our nurses know their work is highly valued, and The DAISY Foundation provides a way for us to do that.” 

Congratulations to our nurses selected to receive the award!

October DAISY Award Honorees:

Rebecca Pereira, RN, Charlton Hospital

“My father, a U.S. Navy veteran, traveled from Bahrain to the U.S. to visit his mother, who is my nana. She was in her last days and was being discharged from St. Anne’s to home in hospice care. My father became very ill, however, and was admitted to Charlton Memorial. Rebecca was able to coordinate with St. Anne’s, and she found a wonderful transport unit (Fall River Fire Department) for my nana that made a special stop at Charlton. My father and nana were reunited at Charlton for a very blessed moment that will always be treasured. Moreover, my dad received amazing care at the hospital. Thank you, Charlton, for saving my dad!”

Rebecca Boros, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Zoe exhibited a caring heart and loving soul that helped my fa“Becky is a cut above. She provided me with extraordinary care. At Southcoast you often hear the words More than Medicine; I can tell you for sure that the care Becky gives is ‘More than Medicine. There are really not enough words to describe Becky. She made my stay in the hospital a better experience.”

September DAISY Award Honorees:

Vanessa O’Neil, RN, Charlton Hospital

“My good friend was placed under the care of this wonderful, caring, kind nurse. She worked second shift and sometimes stayed over into third. She was very compassionate and caring and went the extra mile to make sure that my friend was comfortable at all times. She called the doctors when she felt as though medication wasn’t covering my friend’s pain and took the time to just talk with her about any and all concerns she may have medically and personally. Upon discharge, she presented my friend with a notecard and a little angel that meant the world to her. She and I will never forget Vanessa’s kindness and caring.”

Zoe DeSousa, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Zoe exhibited a caring heart and loving soul that helped my family deal with our difficult decisions and the heartbreaking vigil at my father’s bedside. Her personality is bright and cheerful, and she always came in with a smile and greeted my father in a joyful tone. She paid attention to every detail and brought great comfort to my mother, drawing her from her grief with discussions about flowers and birds. This all while paying careful attention to my father’s medical state.”

August DAISY Award Honoree:

Jason Bergeron, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Jason is very professional and has a warm heart and a great personality. He was very reassuring to us which gave us great comfort. He greeted my husband cheerfully and listened to him, which was calming. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank him.”

July DAISY Award Honorees:

Marian Goulart, RN, Charlton Memorial Hospital

“I was here for a heart attack, and I was scared, and, because of COVID, alone. Behind her mask. Marian always had a smile. She always had a warmth about her that made me feel comfortable. She made me feel it was ok to ask for help. I will never forget her. Her love and her patience are what kept me going.”

Victoria Gavin, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

Vicki was caring for a very ill patient who was rapidly declining in the ER. The patient’s one request was for her husband to be with her. Before his arrival, the patient asked, ‘Can you comb my hair before my husband gets here?’ Vicki ran out of the room to grab a comb and took the time to comb her hair carefully before her husband, daughter and son-in-law arrived. Her family was with her until she took her last breath.”

Jennifer Calvin, RN, Tobey Hospital

I went to Tobey for a procedure. It was my first time back since I lost my precious husband in January. I had made so many trips there with my husband, who had been terribly ill. Jennifer came in to prep me and noticed I was upset and asked me if I were ok. I told her I lost my precious husband in January.  She remembered him and said he was a wonderful man. We talked about how hard things can be. 

When I came out of the procedure, Jennifer was there. The chain I had around my neck with my wedding ring had broken and the ring was in the bed. I tried putting the ring on my thumb, but it was too big. I said I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost this. Jennifer put my husband’s ring back on the chain and then put it around my neck. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more caring, compassionate act as that. My daughter who is an RN cried when I told her. Nurses are special people for sure. Jennifer deserves the DAISY Award.”

May DAISY Award Honorees:

Stephanie Hickey, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Stephanie was extraordinary. I received exceptional nursing care. She is the definition of a skilled, compassionate nurse.”

Jennifer Parks, RN, Charlton Memorial Hospital

“Jenn was amazing. She was on top of everything. Very friendly and was always putting a smile on my face.”

April DAISY Award Honorees:

Devon Costa, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Devon was the nurse on for a lot of my stay at St Luke’s. She was so amazing, and I am forever thankful that I had her there with me.”

Olga Kavaliou, RN, Tobey Hospital

“Olga left a wonderful impression on my heart, and I’m sure all her patients feel this way. As a retired nurse, I know a shining star when I see one.”

March DAISY Award Honorees:

Lidia Sylvia, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Today I had my PAT’s with nurse Lidia . She took a thorough medical history and had concerns. Lidia demonstrated great nursing judgement, putting my safety first while empathizing with my need to finally have these surgeries. She notified the anesthesiologist of the situation and explained that my current symptoms put me at high risk for complications and my surgeries were rescheduled for 2 weeks later. She is an asset to preadmission screening.”

Stephanie Meleo, RN, Charlton Memorial Hospital

“She was wonderful. She stepped into my room and took the time to explain my condition to me in layman’s terms. She took her time, was patient with my questions and alleviated my fears. She wasn’t one to run in and hurry out the door. She was a nurse!! She was my angel.”

February DAISY Award Honorees:

Carlos Marques, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“From supporting all of the seasoned and new nurses to holding patients’ hands when they are scared and crying for help, you can ALWAYS count on Carlos to be there.”

Cheri Boucher Brooks, RN, Charlton Memorial Hospital

“Cheri was thorough, kind and knowledgeable, and I knew that when she had trained my new nurse coming on board from 3-11 – another outstanding nurse – I could truly relax! She is the example of a compassionate competent nurse.”

January DAISY Award Honorees:

Lorrie Alves, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Lorrie sat on the bed holding the patient’s hand and they sang Christmas carols until the patient lost consciousness and passed away.”

Carrie Ryan, RN, Tobey Hospital

“She has the patience of a saint. She is very giving and patient with all the patients she comes in contact with in the ICU.  She has a smile for everyone.  She does not hesitate to jump in if she sees it is needed.”

November DAISY Award Honorees:

Kylie Tavares, RN, St. Lukes Hospital

“While no one wants to be hospitalized the experiences we have can make the situation much more bearable…She is most deserving not only for her professionalism, knowledge, and patience but also for her humanity.”

Integrity McNally, RN, Charlton Memorial Hospital

“She put my mental and physical health at the top of her priority list…She invests in her patients and their recovery…This isn’t just a job for her.”

October DAISY Award Honorees:

Brenda Lucil, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Her warm personality made this such a great experience. I wish every patient could experience her helpfulness…It really means the whole world to have such a caring nurse and for that this was by far my best birthing experience.”

Tammy Isherwood, RN, Charlton Memorial Hospital

“Sometimes post-delivery moms can feel a little forgotten because taking care of a baby is so important but she did an incredible job making me comfortable and taking care of me.”


Question: How did the idea for participating in The DAISY Award originate and why is this award important to Southcoast Health?

Answer: Patients and families often rave about the nurses who care for them while hospitalized and about the impact of their positive connections with nurses. Southcoast bestows nursing awards each May during Nurses Week. The DAISY Awards, however, provide an opportunity to recognize extraordinary nurses throughout the year. The award recognizes skillful care in addition to compassionate care, acknowledging that nursing is both an art and a science, and is an inspiration to other nurses.

Question: Who is eligible to receive The DAISY Award?

Answer: Nurses at Southcoast’s three hospitals are eligible to be nominated and to receive The DAISY Award. This includes RNs, LPNs and APNs. In the future, we will extend eligibility to nurses throughout all of Southcoast Health.

Each year, 24 nurses in total are selected to receive The DAISY Award – 10 from Charlton Memorial Hospital, 10 from St. Luke’s Hospital, and 4 from Tobey Hospital. The number of awards is based on the size of the hospital. Awards at Charlton Memorial and St. Luke’s are given monthly, except for May when we celebrate Nurses Week and give out our annual Nursing Awards, and December when we celebrate Employee of the Year. Awards at Tobey are given once each quarter. A nurse may receive the award once per year.

Question: How are nurses nominated and by whom?

Answer: Nominations for The DAISY Award may be submitted by patients, families, co-workers, physicians or other Southcoast staff. Paper nomination forms are available with directions on how to submit the form. An online nomination form is also be available at

Question: How are DAISY Award recipients selected?

Answer: Award recipients are chosen by a seven-member selection committee. Each hospital has its own selection committee that include four nurses who are current year Annual Nursing Award recipients, a representative of the hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, a staff member from Southcoast’s Patient Experience Department, and a physician representative.

The nomination forms are “blinded” so that the names of nominees are not known to the selection committee. DAISY Award recipients are selected based on structured criteria that includes how well they demonstrate Southcoast Health values and the strength and impact of the nomination story.

Question: How are DAISY Awards recipients honored?

Answer: Nurses who are selected for the DAISY Award are honored at a surprise ceremony that take places in the unit where they work. At the ceremony, the nurse recipient receives a DAISY Award certificate and pin, a green DAISY bag, and a surprise sweet treat. A bright and colorful DAISY banner honoring the winner hangs in the unit. Colleagues and the person or persons who nominated the nurse are invited to the event. To make the award even more special, Award recipients each receive a beautiful hand-carved Healer’s Touch sculpture made from serpentine stone by artists in Zimbabwe.

Southcoast is committed to recognizing the excellent work of all of our nurses and to highlight those nurses that shine as they connect with patients and families. 

September 2020

Diane Pimental, RN, Charlton Memorial Hospital

“From the moment that Diane stepped into my room, after politely knocking on the door, I knew she was extraordinary in every way. She is one of the most talented professionals I’ve ever interacted with. She truly cares about the patients she cares for.”

Jennifer Gomes-Lackey, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Jennifer is kind and thoughtful. She made me feel at ease before my procedure. Checked on me and on how I was feeling. She is an amazing nurse.”

Lynn Bliss, RN, Tobey Hospital

“Lynn is very special to all her peers and especially to all her patients. She treats patients as she would one of her own family members. Lynn is always making sure her patients are taken care of in the best way possible.”



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Em associação com a Fundação DAISY, o Southcoast Health reconhece e honra os enfermeiros/as extraordinários os quais providenciam cuidados compassivos nos nossos hospitais.  

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En asociación con la Fundación DAISY, Southcoast Health reconoce y distingue a los profesionales en enfermería excepcionales que brindan atención compasiva en nuestros hospitales.  

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