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Laboratory Testing Services in Providence, RI

Accurate and timely clinical laboratory testing plays an important role in the management of a patient’s healthcare.  High quality diagnostic testing can identify changes in general health, aides in diagnosing disease, disease prevention and the  worsening of a health condition. Testing is imperative in the management of a patient’s health condition over time and is integral to the patients’ treatment plan. 

At Southcoast Health, we fully appreciate the importance of medical laboratory services for ensuring proper patient care.

Why Choose our Laboratory Services?

Southcoast Health’s Providence medical laboratory is operated by a team of highly trained board-certified pathologists providing patients and physicians with comprehensive clinical laboratory services. This facility is known for having excellent customer service, ample parking, and an adequate waiting area to guarantee maximum comfort for all our patients. In addition our services are affordable, owing to the fact that we are a non-profit organization geared towards realizing better and affordable healthcare for everyone.

Rhode Island residents can be assured they’ve made the right choice of using our lab services for any diagnostic needs you may need. At Southcoast Health, we pride ourselves in a wealth of experience spanning over a century. Our reputation consistently ensures the highest standards of professionalism, attracting decorated health professionals from around the country.

Providence Laboratory Location

Our facility in Providence, RI is located at 1076 N. Main Street in Providence, RI. Call (508) 973-5306 to schedule an appointment today.

Laboratory Services Near You

Our facility in Providence is equipped with top professionals and highly sophisticated equipment and technologies to ensure efficient testing and accurate diagnosis of a wide variety of diseases and health conditions. If you are looking for a reliable laboratory services provider in Providence, Southcoast Health is your best bet. Feel free to get in touch with us today for more information about our facility and services, and to book your appointment.

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