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For the safety of hospital staff, our patients as well as your own safety, PLEASE DO NOT DELIVER ITEMS TO ANY OF OUR HOSPITALS! We will make every effort possible to contact you and arrange for pick-up of your donations.

Southcoast Health’s providers, nurses and clinical support staff are greatly moved by the many generous offers of food to our hospitals. Fortunately, we have the resources we need right now to ensure employees’ wellbeing during shifts. Others in the area are not so lucky at the moment. Given this pandemic’s devastating impact on communities across the country, we would ask those wishing to donate to please contact the United Way of Greater New Bedford’s Hunger Commission serving the South Coast region. Ultimately, a healthy and nourished populace will help our frontline healthcare workers more than anything else. Thank you so much.

We want you to know that while the scale of this pandemic may be unprecedented, we are addressing it with the full force of our Promise to you: Exceptional Care from People Who Care. Our physicians, nurses and all staff are fully engaged and committed to caring for you and our community. We are all truly fortunate for their passionate commitment and skillful expertise. As Southcoast continues to work with our community partners in being proactive in responding to COVID-19, I am reaching out for your continued support and potential assistance.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our region, we anticipate an even greater need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as N95 respirators, surgical masks and face shields, in order to protect physicians and nurses on the front lines of care.   If you or your organization have a supply of any of these PPE items and would like to donate, please fill out this form.  To those of you who have already reached out and offered your support and supplies – thank you! Your kindness and generosity in these challenging times defines what our community is all about.


View COVID-19 Updates.  We are here for you.

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Southcoast Health Philanthropy Office
Donna Roy, Manager Donor Relations
508-973-5359 or