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Urgent Care

Be aware and manage clutter within your respective departments. Code Carts and isolation carts are the only items allowed to be stored in hospital corridors. Standard hospital corridor width is 8’ wide to allow enough room for two hospital beds to pass one another during an emergency situation. Unapproved items stored in corridors block beds passing one another in a corridor.

In the event of a fire and/or emergency, hallway storage can lead to:

  • Delayed fire alarm activation if pull stations are blocked
  • Delayed response to access a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire
  • Delayed response to isolate medical gas systems
  • Delayed egress from the space due to furniture/equipment being in the way to get out of the space
  • Injury from furniture/equipment being in the way when staff/patients try to egress
  • Delayed fire department response to the site of the fire/emergency

Please do not block utility and life safety features of the building; this includes not blocking fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, fire/smoke doors, and medical gas zone boxes.

If you have excessive clutter/furniture that you would like removed, please put an Off-Site Property GrandPM request in the system for your respective site/department.

Be aware of your environment, if you notice damaged walls, doors, floors, ceilings, etc., please submit a work order to your work site’s GrandPM program located on the intranet and Facilities will address the issue.

Please be keep linen cart covers closed so that linens stay clean and free of dust.

Be aware of your environment; if you notice unclean areas or excessive dust, please reach out to Environmental Services.