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Urgent Care

Medical Gas Control Station Zone Valves

  • Under the direction and authority of local Fire Department Leadership, Facilities Leadership, and/or Anesthesia Department Medical Professional: Any licensed practitioner may be directed to shut off a Medical Gas system.

Personnel Authorized to shut down and or disable a Medical Gas system:

  • Any licensed practitioner
  • Engineering & Facilities staff
  • Anesthesiologist / designee
  • Fire Department
  • Safety officer

Medical Gas Shutoff Control stations are located in all areas where Medical Gas service is provided.

Medical Gas Shutoff Control Stations are labeled with the following:

  • Color-coded labels identifying the type of gas supplied by that control valve.
  • The area/room(s) that the Medical Gas Shutoff Control Station services.

Prior to terminating Medical Gas services, ensure that room(s) serviced have been assessed for need to obtain alternative source prior to shutdown of gas/system.