Charlton’s Nurses Form Special Bond with Patient

Taking Care of Patients is a Group Effort: Charlton’s Nurses

It’s no secret that what makes Southcoast Health so special is the people. As a not-for-profit community health system, our team of nurses, providers, and staff work together to provide world-class care close to home. Performing compassionate and comprehensive service, our team demonstrates that taking care of patients truly is a group effort and one that our families, friends, and neighbors appreciate both in and out of the hospital.

Originally from Rhode Island, John Whalen now lives in Fall River with family close by in Westport. After his move, John didn’t have a local primary care provider when he visited the Charlton Memorial Emergency Department for shortness of breath several years ago. During this visit, after initial treatment and diagnosis for Atrial Fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm, he was matched with one at Southcoast Health and never looked back.

Patient Forms Great Relationships with Charlton’s Nurses

Today, John has been in and out of the hospital for the treatment and management of this disease multiple times over the past few years. With a positive attitude and contagious smile, he has formed great relationships with Charlton’s nurses on Atwood 2, the heart floor at the “Heart Hospital.”

“These nurses are the reason I’m here today” says John. “They truly go above and beyond, and they’re just fabulous. They are all very kind and helpful, it takes a certain type of person to do what they do every day, but they have a strong team culture.”

Undergoing multiple procedures for his heart, John is a now a friendly face on the floor and always makes sure to let the team know how much their care means to him. He is known for sharing his favorite recipes and even ordering pizza or sandwiches during his stay for nurses on both shifts to enjoy!

“I really appreciate what they do for me,” he says, “and as a patient it can be hard to show. I like to do the little things I can to thank them.”

Nurses are at the Heart of Patient Care

Over the years, John has expanded his care at Southcoast Health from his primary care and heart specialists to include other providers he needs to see.

“I have a lot of doctors at Southcoast Health now, and from a patients point of view, I would never change that,” says John. “I like every one of them, and they can all share information with each other and me through MyChart. The information I can see there is just incredible.”

Please join us in sending a special thanks Charlton’s nurses and staff on Atwood 2, for making John and so many other patients feel comfortable and cared for throughout a difficult time.

Thank you, Atwood 2!