A Soothing Solution

One of Southcoast’s own feels and looks great after undergoing a minimally invasive, cutting-edge procedure to treat a varicose vein disease

Ellen Nassiff was experiencing “tiredness” in her leg — the same leg that had a bulging varicose vein. She wondered if there was a connection. To find an answer, the Fall River resident and Practice Manager at Southcoast Physicians Group Cardiology booked an appointment at the new Southcoast Vein Center.

At the Center, an ultrasound test confirmed that Nassiff had venous reflux disease. Simply put, that meant an excess of blood was collecting in her leg vein. David L. Gillespie, MD, Southcoast Health’s Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, recommended radiofrequency venous ablation, a minimally invasive treatment to resolve varicose vein disease and its symptoms.

When Nassiff first heard the diagnosis, she was a little unnerved and not sure what to expect. “But by the time I had the procedure, I understood everything,” Nassiff recalled. “Dr. Gillespie explained the process so I was completely at ease. And when I arrived for the treatment, it felt like I was in a spa. Everything was so relaxing. Before I realized it, the procedure was done — and I was up walking around that same day.”

Nassiff’s experience exemplifies two of the Center’s primary objectives: to elevate Southcoast Health’s care for arterial and vascular diseases to a level of national excellence, and to deliver these minimally invasive, technically advanced treatments in a soothing, spa-like atmosphere.

“The Center creates a relaxing environment so patients can escape the hectic nature of daily life,” Dr. Gillespie explained. To that point, each patient is wrapped in a luxurious terrycloth robe before entering a treatment room, where the senses are soothed with a calming, gentle lavender scent and serene music.

Complimenting the serene atmosphere are a staff and physician team intensely dedicated to providing advanced vascular surgeries and therapies for patients diagnosed with aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, thoracic outlet syndrome and dialysis access.

“Our procedures are on the leading-edge of today’s most sophisticated treatments. This level of medical care is often performed in a sterile, medical environment,” Dr. Gillespie added. “Taking these treatments into a calm, relaxing environment sets our Center apart; it’s the only Center of its kind serving South Coast residents.”

For more information and to view a photo gallery, visit the Southcoast Vein Center. To schedule an appointment, call 508-973-2213, use Find a Doctor or download our Find A Doc app.