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A mother of two recalls her deliveries at Southcoast Health

Heike Milhench and her three siblings were all born at St. Luke’s Hospital. So when she gave birth to her son and daughter, she followed her mother’s lead.

Milhench, president of Milhench Supply, briefly considered going to a larger hospital for her pregnancies, which were both considered high risk because she was over 40 years old. St. Luke’s allowed her to remain close to her Marion home, however, and in the care of her trusted obstetrician.

“I know I would not have received better care anywhere else,” she said.

Milhench delivered both babies through Caesarian section, which resulted in a four-day stay when Henrik arrived in October 2011 and was found to be twisted in the uterus. She stayed three days with Else in November 2013.

“Everyone was extremely friendly, helpful and professional,” she said. “They were easy to talk to and made it easy for me to ask questions.”

The Southcoast philosophy is helping mothers and families feel confident and empowered as they welcome their newest member.

But as the region’s only provider of maternity services, Southcoast offers more than the finest medical care. Fathers receive meals in the room along with the mother. Special requests for care are honored as much as possible. And each day, the attending nurse makes what sometimes called “happy rounds,” meeting with each family. Any concerns are addressed immediately.

Milhench was especially grateful for the instructions on changing and swaddling her in-fant, offered by experienced maternity nurses. “It was all very maternal,” she said. “They cared about me and my baby.”

To learn more about maternity services at Southcoast, or to take a virtual tour of our Family Centered Units, visit Southcoast maternity services.