Dr. Christopher Skeehan Performs Over 500 Procedures with the Mako Robotic Arm Assisted Surgery Technology

With the robotic assisted approach, patients are often able to recover much faster after knee and hip replacement procedures and get back to doing what they love.

This month, Southcoast Health orthopedic surgeon Christopher Skeehan, MD reached an impressive milestone performing his 500th robotic-assisted procedure with Mako technology.  

The Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery is an innovative solution for orthopedic surgeons at Southcoast Health’s Charlton Memorial Hospital for individuals suffering from painful arthritis of the knee or hip. It allows our doctors to perform surgeries that are safer, more accurate, and customized to each patient’s individual needs.

 “Joining Southcoast Health in 2021, this milestone reflects the work we have done to refine and perfect our workflow in the operating room,” said Dr. Skeehan. “Utilizing this innovative technology for almost every primary knee and hip replacement, we are ensuring that the procedure is consistent with small tweaks for each individual patients. This approach helps us deliver stable knees and hips that our patients can rely on every time, with a very low risk.”

During surgery, the Mako system guides the surgeon’s cuts within the pre-defined area and helps prevent the surgeon from moving outside the planned boundaries. This helps provide more accurate placement, reducing the risk of complications and limiting damage to any surrounding tissues, tendons and ligaments.

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