Ongoing pandemic precautions at Southcoast facilities

For the past 15 months, Southcoast Health and the South Coast region have stood side by side – even if six feet apart – as we’ve taken on the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Thanks to safe, effective and widely available vaccines, along with adherence to sensible health guidance and a spirit of collaboration, we have the coronavirus in retreat.

With the end of the Commonwealth’s state of emergency, we are closer than ever to truly bringing this pandemic to an end. Loved ones are gathering again, sporting events have fans back in the bleachers and businesses are bustling at full capacity … just in time for summer.

At Southcoast, as a healthcare system, we still must be especially careful. Protecting vulnerable patients and employees is of the utmost priority, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidance for healthcare facilities still requires masking, screening and visitation restrictions.

The following precautions remain in effect for the safety of all:


  • Southcoast will continue to require face coverings in our hospitals, practices, urgent care centers, other medical buildings in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


  • Southcoast will continue to screen all entrants to our hospitals, practices, urgent care centers and other medical buildings for symptoms, travel and COVID-19 risk.
  • Patients with an appointment with a Southcoast provider or you visit an urgent care center experiencing symptoms seen in COVID-19 may need to be tested. Please note that some symptoms of seasonal conditions such as allergies can mimic COVID-19 and may require testing and safety protocols to keep patients and staff safe.


  • Southcoast is still obliged to restrict visitation at this time. One visitor per patient is allowed during the hours of 10am to 8pm daily. Maternity visiting hours are 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm.
  • No visitors under the age of 18 are allowed, unless they are a child or sibling of a patient.
  • In Southcoast Emergency Departments, we do allow a visitor to remain with the patient, but we cannot accommodate visitors coming in and out repeatedly – there is no reentry.
  • In ambulatory buildings like provider practices, urgent care centers, rehabilitation officers, labs, radiology areas, etc., patients are allowed one companion.
  • For the safety of patients and staff, we cannot permit entry of visitors experiencing cough, shortness of breath, temperature over 100 degrees or other symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Safe, Clean and Ready to Care for You

An attention to every detail by Southcoast Health has protected our patients, visitors and staff while curbing community spread in our region. We are committed to maintaining safe, clean and accessible facilities ready to care for you and your family, friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your support, cooperation and understanding.