Effective Ways to Receive Healthcare from Home

Caring for ourselves amid a pandemic is critical yet challenging. Usually, when you’re feeling unwell or have questions about your health, you schedule an in-person appointment with a health professional. However, government health officials require limiting personal interactions to all but essential activities to stop the spread of the virus. To our advantage, communication technology advances, and with it, our options for care and socialization are expanding. Now virtual visits can become a key defense against COVID-19.

Virtual visits are the implementation of a digital visit rather than an in-person appointment. Today, we use virtual visits on a variety of platforms. One of the largest growing platforms is telehealth. Telehealth (also referred to as telemedicine) is defined as practicing medicine via technology to deliver care at a distance. Virtual visits do not mean that in-person care and socialization are not needed. By contrast, virtual visits are a viable option amid social distancing. 

Arguably the most crucial virtual visits occur when we receive healthcare during a pandemic (and moving forward). Virtual visits and telehealth are reshaping how clinicians care for their patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines telehealth as “healing from a distance.” It’s often used when reaching remote locations is difficult. Telehealth institutes virtual consultations. This allows for patient monitoring, diagnosis of illness, mental health counseling, prescription of medications, and more. 

Southcoast Health recognizes the extensive health benefits that telehealth and virtual visits can deliver to our community during COVID-19.

For our part, we offer:

  • COVID-19 Nursing Triage Hotline – Provides all community members medical recommendations and services related to COVID-19. Our COVID-19 Nursing Triage Hotline is monitored Monday through Friday from 7am – 7pm and on weekends from 8am – 5pm.
  • MyChart – The quickest and most convenient way to make routine healthcare requests like lab results, appointment times, and medication refills. 
  • Find a Doc tool – An online tool that assists your search for a Southcoast Physicians Group or Southcoast Physicians Network provider.

In the coming days, we will also be integrating virtual visits and e-consultations through MyChart with our Southcoast Health Physicians. With MyChart, you have a way to be tuned in to your health at your convenience. This online tool allows you to view your medical records, appointments, and more to interact and stay up-to-date with your health. To log-in or register, please visit www.southcoast.org/mychart-portal/. Amid COVID-19, Southcoast Health prioritizes and encourages healing from a distance through telehealth. 

During these uncertain times, having a doctor or nurse just a call or a tap away can be the difference between isolation and care. We stay committed to continuing to provide the exceptional care you expect right from your home with our telehealth appointment options.