Two Southcoast RNs in Attendance at Super Bowl

Our beloved Patriots couldn’t put it all together for a playoff run this season. However, the New England still has one of its strongest teams ever at the Super Bowl.

Southcoast nurses Jess Read, RN, and Kyla Sears, RN, flew on the Pats’ team plane and landed in Tampa early Sunday to attend Super Bowl LV. As a result, they attended some of its highest-profile festivities, courtesy of the Kraft family.

A group of 76 vaccinated healthcare professionals from all six New England states will be guests of the Kraft family at the Super Bowl. The Kraft family shows their gratitude and support for frontline heroes who have worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The trip also aims to spread the message about the importance of getting vaccinated.

Nurses Were Randomly Selected

Southcoast Health was fortunate to have received two of the available spots. Jess and Kyla were randomly selected from a list of clinical staff and providers who have worked through the COVID-19 pandemic in patient-facing roles.

(l-r): Chief Human Resources Officer Lauren DeSimon Johnson, Chief Nursing Officer Jacqueline Somerville, Kyla, Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Dani Hackner, Jess, and President & CEO Keith Hovan

“To me, this opportunity means I have been given the chance to spread awareness on the importance of being vaccinated,” Jess says. “It’s an amazing and welcome sign that we’re beginning to return to normal. I am truly thankful.”

Going to the Super Bowl: Opportunity of a Lifetime

“While there are countless others on the #SouthcoastFrontlines who are equally deserving of this honor, I’m thrilled I was randomly chosen to go. For me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime,” Kyla says. “I can’t wait to celebrate with other healthcare workers from around the region.”

We’re proud to have two of Southcoast Health’s finest representing our community at the biggest event on the sports calendar, and we can’t wait to hear about Jess’s and Kyla’s wonderful experiences. We’ll be watching for them waving their red Southcoast flag!

From all of us here, thank you to the Kraft family and the New England Patriots.