Southcoast Honors Spanish American Heritage Month: Yvette Quevedo

Yvette Quevedo is a Credentialing Specialist in the Medical Staff Services Department. Since moving to Massachusetts more than a year ago, she joined Southcoast Health.

In her previous healthcare organization, she was involved with assisting in providing health prevention screening testing education resources to the Spanish community.

“I find it very important to provide our communality health information, which will provide a better understanding of the importance of having many types of preventative testing. I look forward to becoming actively involved in assisting the Southcoast Health Hispanic community soon.”

Yvette’s favorite family custom, as a child and as an adult, is Christmas. Her Cuban family celebrates Christmas Eve or Noche Buena.

“We celebrate by family and friends gathering together,” she says. “We always dress up and enjoy lots of food including traditional Cuban dishes like lechon (roast pork), frijoles negros (black beans), and arroz (rice). Yuca covered with mashed garlic, sautéed onions, lemon, and oil with a mojito is always served. We are always having music, playing dominoes, and having all of the family together. It’s the one time that regardless of our busy schedule my family is always together celebrating our family Cuban traditions.”

One of her favorite desserts is flan.

“It’s my father’s favorite dessert, which I learned to make as a child. It’s a caramel custard with a layer of clear caramel sauce, similar to Crème Brulee.”

Yvette says she is proud to be Hispanic and grateful for the opportunities stemming from her heritage.

“I’ve had the opportunity to further my education in health­­care and help other Hispanics from patients to my healthcare teammates. I have the opportunity to lead by example if you believe you can achieve any goal with hard work. I look forward to continuing to inspire others, such as my nieces and nephews, to honor our culture, and make a positive mark in this world.