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Are you looking to be more involved in your local hospital? Southcoast Health encourages you to become a member of Southcoast Health Ambassadors. The former auxiliaries and guild of Southcoast Health System includes ambassadors from all three hospital sites: Charlton Memorial, St. Luke’s, and Tobey Hospital.

Our mission at Southcoast Health Ambassadors is to render services to the hospital, its patients and its tax-exempt subsidiaries, and to assist Southcoast Health in promoting the health and welfare of the communities it serves.

As a Southcoast Health Ambassador, you will serve as an ambassador to the community on behalf of your community hospitals. You will also participate in rewarding social and philanthropic events, including:

  • Distributing flowers to patients during the holiday season
  • Distributing special occasion and holiday cards to patients who have extended stays
  • Awarding health care scholarships to local high school students to further their career in the industry
  • Directing hospital gift shops
  • Attending social events
  • Supporting community outreach

Why Join Our Ambassadors?

Members of our Southcoast Health Ambassadors enjoy many benefits while volunteering for and supporting their local hospital, such as:

  • Personal growth and fulfillment that comes from helping the young, aged and less fortunate
  • Meeting and working with interesting people of all ages
  • Participating in activities that benefits your community hospital

If you would like more information about joining, contact Jennifer Szabo (508) 973-5752 or or Kimberley Coon (508) 973-5006 or today.

You can also download our application for the Southcoast Health Ambassadors and join our Facebook group here.

Thank you for your interest!

Please fill out the application using the form below or download an application and send by mail.

Download an application:
Southcoast Health Ambassadors Application

Southcoast Health Ambassadors Application Form

For more information about becoming an Ambassador, please call the Philanthropy Department at (508) 973-7537

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