Southcoast Frontlines

Thank you #SouthcoastFrontlines. You are heroes.

For over two years, the exceptional staff in our COVID units at all three hospitals have continued to dedicate themselves every day to treating and caring for patients with COVID-19. These are their stories.

Century 4: St. Luke’s Hospital

The Century 4 Team at St. Luke’s Hospital has been taking care of COVID-19 patients since the onset of the pandemic. It has been a long and relentless 21 months. For these #SouthcoastFrontline Heroes, the battle against this dangerous virus is still their mission – day in and day out – with very little respite.

They are the constant witnesses to the history unfolding before them. They are the family who cannot be at the bedside with their dying loved one. They are the messengers reminding us of what is still unfolding in hospitals across the nation. Their experiences and stories are what bond them together as a team. Their stories come with a lesson they wish to be heard by all.

Atwood 4 and Moran 3: Charlton Memorial Hospital

As COVID-19 cases are on the decline, it is important not to let our guards down or to forget the heroism of the people still working on the frontlines of this pandemic. Atwood 4 and Moran 3 are the two designated COVID-19 units at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River.

It has been a trying two years, but these teams keep showing up. Though the pandemic doesn’t look the same as it did in the beginning, the teams on Atwood 4 and Moran 3 are still carrying the emotional burden of the many losses they have witnessed. Their message for the public is clear – Get Vaccinated. Get Boosted. It saves lives.

SK2: Tobey Hospital

SK2 is the designated Covid-19 unit at Tobey Hospital in Wareham. Over the past two years, the team on this unit has seen and felt it all. These are just a few of the many stories experienced by the staff all with a common theme – the vaccine saves lives. You can help by getting vaccinated and getting boosted today.

Thank you #SouthcoastFrontlines

You are heroes. Get Vaccinated. Get Boosted.

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