Hospital Auxiliaries and Guild Merge to Form Southcoast Health Ambassadors

Southcoast Health Ambassadors

Hospital Auxiliaries and Guild Merge to Form Southcoast Health Ambassadors

Recently, the Charlton Memorial and St. Luke’s Auxiliaries and Tobey Guild joined together to become the Southcoast Health Ambassadors, a tax-exempt, non-profit public charity. The Ambassadors’ mission, like its three predecessors, is to promote the health and welfare of the community we serve.

St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary was founded in 1950. Tobey Hospital Guild was founded in 1941. The Auxiliary of Charlton Memorial Hospital was founded in 1956.

“The Auxiliaries and Guild have a long history of giving to patients and the community, and serving our hospitals, dating back more than 65 years,” said Kimberley Coon, Executive Director of Hospital and Medical Staff Services. “The Ambassadors will continue that tradition. But by coming together as a single organization, we can better serve patients and the public through our outreach and activities. We are stronger and more effective working together, rather than apart. Also, unlike the two Auxiliaries and the Guild, the Ambassadors are incorporated, which, because we’re a public charity, exempts us from taxes and allows donors to make tax-deductible contributions.” 

“The Southcoast Health Ambassadors Mission provides greater opportunity for individuals to get involved in not only their community, but in a community hospital,” said Marcia Liggin, Southcoast Health Ambassadors Chair/President. “By participating in outreach and activities, we are supporting Southcoast Health, the hospitals and ancillary locations. Ambassadors are excited to be involved in committee work such as Patient’s First Projects and working closely with members of the Southcoast staff. This joint effort will enhance our ability to achieve greater things for Southcoast.”

Exceptional Community Support

The Ambassadors provide service in many ways: supporting patient services, developing partnerships within the community to strengthen outreach, promoting healthcare careers through scholarships, supporting our Gift Shops and much more. Members can expand their “ambassadorship” by joining Southcoast’s Volunteer Service Program and then working in our Gift Shops or on our Patient Experience projects. They can also join one or more of the many Ambassadors’ committees such as Patients, Scholarships, Events, Outreach or others we have.

Ambassadors participate in many rewarding social and philanthropic events, such as distributing flowers to patients during the holiday season, awarding scholarships to high school students, receiving invitations to special hospital events and attending social events when safe to do so during the current pandemic.

“It’s a great way to meet and volunteer with like-minded and caring people of all ages,” said Jenn Szabo, Manager of the Southcoast Ambassadors and Gift Shops. “We have a lot of diverse activities and initiatives; there are fulfilling ventures waiting for those interested in joining. A great deal of personal growth and fulfillment comes from helping the young, aged and those who may be less fortunate or experiencing an illness. And, of course, members also receive discounts at our Gift Shops!”

For more information, visit Southcoast Health Ambassadors on our website.

Anyone interested in becoming one of our many Ambassadors and helping to serve their local community hospital may contact Jennifer Szabo at 508-973-5752 or or Kimberley Coon at 508-973-5006 or