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Urgent Care

Disclosure: Please read before using Smart Web

This tool is intended to be used exclusively by Southcoast employees and physicians only. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

Smart Web Use and Access

Smart Web paging allows authorized users to page staff, access and administer departmental on-call schedules and look up personnel or department extensions.

When paging staff, please adhere to the Southcoast paging policies and procedures. When text paging, always include your name and call back number in the message.

Click here to access Smart Web (username and password required)

Web access to Smart Web is only available remotely. Any attempt to access Smart Web via from your Southcoast desktop will be denied.

Some remote users may have difficulty opening Smart Web because of their firewall. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you have this issue.

For additional assistance, contact the Communications Manager at (508) 973-7190.

For more information, download the Smart Web Quick Reference Guide.