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Explore Our Tips for New Moms from Southcoast Health

Caring for an infant for the first time can feel overwhelming. That’s why at Southcoast Health we hope to help you learn about your baby’s development and milestones, safety and wellness, and other information to help you get acquainted with your new baby. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, find an OB/GYN in MA or RI near you or view our maternity services.

Help for New Moms & Families in MA & RI


If you are considering breastfeeding, then you should learn more about our breastfeeding education programs and Baby Café.

Infant Care

Explore our post on infant care to learn about umbilical cord care, diapering, and giving sponge and tub baths. We can also help you recognize when you should call your pediatrician, like if your baby has a fever, is coughing or is showing signs of breathing difficulty.

Infant Development

Find the best ways to help your baby grow and develop by learning the best sleep positions, helping them learn to recognize your face and voice and other ways.

Baby Milestones

Become familiar with the milestones that your baby will have in their first and second years and beyond. This may include waving, talking, pointing and following commands.

Infant/Toddler Safety

Learn how best to keep your baby safe through our infant/toddler safety guide with points about bathing, hazardous products, covering electrical outlets and more.

Car Seat Safety

Find out everything you need to know about car seat safety, including how to install your car seat, which way it should face and how to keep your child safe while in the car.

Getting Back into Shape After Pregnancy

Worried about how you’re going to get back in shape after having your baby? Check out our tips for specific exercises that will help you regain muscle strength after giving birth.

Southcoast Health provides a wealth of resources for new moms in Fall River, New Bedford and surrounding areas.