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2022 President’s Award Honorees

At Southcoast Health, our promise to you is Exceptional Care from People Who Care.

How do we do this? By working together, as a team. Every one of our employees plays a vital role in ensuring we provide the best care to you, our valued patients. Here, we introduce you to some of the amazing people at Southcoast Health. You may recognize them as your family, friends or neighbors. To us, they define what it means to be More than medicine.

Portraits of the award recipients are displayed at all three Southcoast Health hospital locations and the Fairhaven Business Center.

More than medicine is Being There

Jennifer Cardoza

Pharmacy Technician, Southcoast Center for Cancer Care

Celebrating 23 years at Southcoast Health, Jen is known for her positivity and dedication. Her teammates can always depend on her to be there for them and their patients.

Working behind the scenes, Jen helps get medication to patients with efficiency. She collaborates with other departments daily to maintain supplies and workflows. She continuously steps up – and inspires her colleagues to do the same.

More than medicine is the Little Things

Brian Levesque

Materials Management, Charlton Memorial

Brian believes the little things can make a big difference. From a simple greeting being kind to someone, to procuring supplies on his floors, comfort of patients is his #1 priority.

Brian’s colleagues describe him as kind, selfless, and thoughtful, never hesitating to lend a helping hand. A lifelong resident of the South Coast region, he is proud to give back and support others in the community.

More than medicine is Empathy and Education

Thomas Hughes

Imaging Services Clinical Educator, Charlton Memorial

Thomas Hughes, better known as TJ, is responsible for training nuclear medicine students, and both his pupils, as well as patients, appreciate his outlook and work ethic – as evidenced by the countless thank you notes he is known to receive.

TJ credits his strong sense of empathy to his mother, and to him, the most rewarding aspect of his role is forming strong relationships with his patient and colleagues.

More than medicine is Making Connections

Katelyn Torres, RN

Clinical Resource Nurse, Cardiovascular Stepdown, Charlton Memorial

Katelyn is a caregiver, and her mission as a leader is to ensure her team feels supported throughout their shifts. “My biggest thing is I want to make sure people aren’t afraid to ask questions, and that they have everything they need to have the best day to ensure our patients get the best care possible.”

For Katelyn, it’s all about connection. Charlton Memorial has been a bedrock in her life. From family being well cared for within the hospital’s walls to working alongside her mother, the hospital has been the place where she has grown personally and professionally. “This place is like home.”

More than medicine is a Good Day of Sunshine

Tracy Charette-DaPiedade

Practice Administrator, Inpatient Medicine Programs

For this self-proclaimed extrovert with a sunny disposition, there’s nothing better than a summer day on the water, with sand under her feet and family by her side. But even when work isn’t exactly a day at the beach, her beaming smile helps maintain balance and momentum.

“It’s the people,” she says about loving her job. “I just really enjoy working with people.”

More than medicine is Step by Step

Jillian Lewis

Physical Therapist, Southcoast Visiting Nurses Association

Jillian prides herself on the improvements her patients experience when she works with them in their homes. From incremental progress to milestone moments, the shift from dependence to independence is literally life-changing.

“You may start off with a patient walking a few feet, and by the end of our time together, they can walk a hundred more, which means they can accomplish day-to-day tasks by themselves. That’s huge!”

More than medicine is Believing in Yourself

Amy Trautman

Clinical Team Lead, Pediatric Rehab Outpatient Program

Amy and her team provide therapy to children who have medical or developmental delays. The goal? Helping them achieve their full potential. And she loves working with the pediatric population because “they believe they can.” Their energy and enthusiasm motivates her every day.
Amy encourages her team to see the world through their patients’ eyes. “We want to be that resource … that advocate … that support.”

More than medicine is Leading by Example

Denise Lorette, RN

Nurse Manager, Baldwin Makepeace Emergency Center, Tobey

Denise is celebrating 10 years of service at Southcoast Health, but she entered her current role during the height of the pandemic and amid Tobey Hospital’s transition to the Baldwin Makepeace Emergency Center.

She strives to “lead by example” and embody what it means “to be a part of the team.” Her colleagues value the collaboration, camaraderie, and professional development Denise fosters. “When we do good, I feel good,” she says.

More than medicine is Compassion and Perspective

Doreen Medeiros

Lab Client Service Specialist

Doreen lives and works by the golden rule of “treating others like you would want to be treated.” Welcoming patients with compassion, walking in their shoes, and understanding their perspectives have guided her efforts every day – for 35 years.

She’s the kind of person who goes out of her way to offer help when she senses someone is in need – whether they’re a visitor looking lost in a lobby or a passerby at Maple Park while walking with her husband, daughter, and Corgi.

More than medicine is Making a Difference

Lisa Cyr, RN

Wound Ostomy Certified Nurse

A crucial member of the patient’s care team at St. Luke’s, Lisa treats those who have ostomies, complex wounds, and pressure injuries. She also serves as a constant point of contact for patients throughout their care journey, from pre- to post-op.

Going out of her way to meet patients where they’re at and celebrating her colleagues by recognizing them as “Skin Team Champions,” Lisa is beloved by many. Inspired by her grandmother to become a nurse, she says she prays each day “to be a good nurse, notice the subtleties, and make a difference in patients’ lives.”

More than medicine is Growing a Program

Pamela Mitchell, RN

Psychiatry Consult Liaison Coordinator

Pamela helps provide support, care, and safety to behavioral health inpatients. She always knew she wanted to work with patients on a deeper level and began a successful career in behavioral health nursing after she was introduced to the specialty in nursing school.

Thirty-five years of Southcoast service later, Pamela has been integral to the expansion of our behavioral health program, and she is proud to see our services and resources grow amid increased demand for behavioral and mental health support.

Pam views every day as gift, and enjoys spending time giving back to the community alongside her children Kaeleigh and Jared.

More than medicine is Frontline Fortitude

Daniel Sousa, MD


Dr. Sousa, who was named the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Community Clinician of the Year in 2022, is well known throughout the Southcoast system for his medical acumen, approachability, and sense of humor.

The pandemic has brought his many attributes to the forefront. Dr. Sousa is humble and caring – always redirecting credit and soliciting input – and he’s admired by patients and colleagues alike.

“I think it’s brought everybody together, when you’ve been through a battle like this,” Dr. Sousa told the Fall River Herald News this year.

More than medicine is Trust and Respect

Charlton Memorial Heart & Vascular Stepdown Team

The Heart and Vascular Stepdown Team at Charlton Memorial will tell you they “take care of all matters of the heart.” They’re not just talking about the medicine they practice day in and day out – they’re describing the philosophy they use with every patient. Every team member takes the time to get to know each patient and their loved ones to ensure they know they’re in good hands during a difficult time.

You’ll see a board of rotating inspirational quotes to keep the team motivated during tough times. One quote is permanently on display: “We are not a team because we work together; we are a team because we trust, respect, and care for each other.”

Team Members: Andreia Alves, Luke Cabral, Courtney Camara, Hannah Canasta, Jennifer Daener, Erica Dallen, Rebecca Flores, Nicholas Gentili, Nikolas George, Michele Gonzalez, Jordan Greenberg, Mary Innocenti, Rosita Kabaran Zad Ghadim, Mary Kuy, Maria Laureanno, Monica Lenart, Fabio Machado, Eleni Magoulas, Holly Marcello, Taylor Martins, Madeline Mcgee-Cochran, Catherine Mukasa, Joao Oliveira, Amanda Pacheco, Jessica Patrick, Amanda Purnell, Stephanie Resendes, Elizabeth Riccio, Melissa Sama, Ali Sigman, Katelyn Torres, Wendy Troia, Dawn Wahl