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Be a hero!

Make a difference every day by joining our team of monthly givers who understand the significance of providing More than medicine and the difference it can make in someone’s life.

There are many ways you can help and monthly giving is the easiest! And, since your gift is processed automatically, you help us reduce our costs. It helps your budget and ours!

A gift of just $25 per month results in an annual contribution of $300. Your monthly payment becomes a larger gift that we can depend on to fund new programs, expand existing programs and help more people than ever before.

Monthly gifts can be made automatically from your credit or debit card, and you may alter the amount of your gift or end your donations at any time by contacting the Philanthropy office.

If you would like to start your monthly donation, click here DONATE HERE! and be sure to check “Monthly Gift”.

Donate Here!

You also have the option to set up a sustaining monthly gift that will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account. The process is safe, secure and Southcoast Health is PCI compliant. Learn more about Electronic Funds Transfer.

On behalf of the patients and families we serve, thank you for your consideration.

Your support, in any form or size, is gratefully appreciated!

What is your Southcoast story?

Did you have a great experience with a Southcoast caregiver or at a Southcoast facility? We’d love to hear about it! email us with your story.