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Urgent Care

Our committed team of nurses at Charlton Memorial Hospital are well on their way to becoming a Pathway to Excellence Hospital. 

Pathway to Excellence is a premier nursing designation offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, the nursing excellence branch of the American Nurses Association. It recognizes healthcare organizations that have positive practice environments that promote nursing autonomy. In essence, it encourages nurses to be engaged and empowered to make decisions on patient care, while also as encouraging wellness and support for each other.

We understand that when nurses have a voice, we have a more resilient workforce, higher staff satisfaction, improved nurse retention, and a better patient experience.  Additionally, increased collaboration among healthcare professionals results in better quality care and improved patient outcomes.

Charlton Memorial Hospital has always been committed to nursing excellence and empowerment. The ongoing Pathway to Excellence survey will officially recognize the best practices and superior nursing care that our nurses demonstrate on a daily basis.

Journey to Excellence

Charlton Memorial Hospital

Our nursing vision is to foster relationship-based care, incorporate evidence-based practice, promote a shared governance decision-making environment, exemplify and model the tenants of professionalism, pursue nursing excellence and model our organizational culture.

Be More than medicine!

A professional practice model is a system that shows our structure, processes and values that support nurses’ input over the delivery of care and their practice environment. Our model is depicted as a six-pointed star, with a ring of hearts in the center that come together to form an inner star. This inner star represents the patient and family, who are the focus of our nursing practice. Each overlapping heart represents one of the integrated six components of our vision. The circle intersecting the star represents guidance and leadership. The points of the star, which break through the outer circle, demonstrate our commitment to care for the health of our communities.