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Middletown Urgent Care Center

Appointments are preferred and walk-ins are welcome. Please call 508-973-5306 to schedule an appointment if you are not able to schedule online or through your MyChart account.

Medical Laboratory Services in Middletown, RI

Laboratory services are an essential component of the medical world- they provide physicians with accurate information about the health status of their patients so that proper treatments can be put into play. At Southcoast Health, we understand the value of such services, which is why we are so proud to serve the Middletown, RI community and the surrounding area with our medical lab testing services at the Southcoast Health Laboratory in Middletown.

Why Choose Southcoast Laboratory Services in Middletown?

Southcoast Laboratory Services in Middletown, RI is a full-service diagnostic testing laboratory providing physicians and patients access to high-quality test results. Our facility in Middletown is led by a team of board-certified pathologists, and we offer urgent testing, reference testing, and comprehensive anatomic pathology and cytology services. We invest in the best equipment and technology so that we can always deliver quick and reliable results to all who come to see us. We place a high value on making our patients comfortable- our waiting room was designed for maximum comfort and we always place a strong focus on providing the most comprehensive care possible.

Middletown Laboratory Location

Our Southcoast Laboratory Services facility in Middletown is located at 672 Aquidneck Avenue, at the Polo Center. Our facility is easily accessible whether you use public or private transportation, and parking is free, safe, and secure.

Laboratory Services Near You in Middletown

If you are looking for comprehensive diagnostic medical lab testing services in or near Middletown, RI, Southcoast Health is the perfect choice for you. We offer accurate and thorough medical lab services, and we always put our patients first and strive to make them as comfortable as possible. To learn more about the services we offer and to book your appointment, please contact us today.

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