It’s Not about the Weight You Lose, It’s about the Life You Gain

Kristine Constantino's Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss can be a difficult journey, and for many, the pandemic has made it even more challenging. Over the past year and a half, Southcoast Health’s Weight Loss Program has helped patients like Kristine Constantino overcome these challenges. She has been able to meet her weight loss goals and improve her overall health. Now, she feels empowered to help others do the same.

Beginning the Journey

Kris’s journey started when she met Southcoast’s Dr. Gendreau at the “Couch Potato to 5k” run, sponsored by Southcoast Health. With an already great start to their relationship, Kris chose to make Dr. Gendreau her primary care provider. When she learned shortly after that Dr. Gendreau was transferring from primary care to become a weight loss provider, he encouraged her to join him as a patient of the Southcoast Health Weight Loss Program. “I have always struggled to keep my weight down and have tried many types of diets (and made up my own, too). When Dr. Gendreau presented the opportunity to be a part of the Weight Loss Program, I knew I had to go for it,” Kris says.

Finding Constant Support

Kris joined the Southcoast Health Weight Loss Program in October 2020. With Dr. Gendreau’s guidance, she created a customized plan to guide her weight loss journey. It was more than a nutrition and exercise plan to follow; it was also a personal approach to learning about the relationship between her nutrition and daily routine.

Having lost over 50 pounds, she recalls how fundamentally important it was to have the right mentor holding her accountable.

“It’s amazing the difference it makes to have someone informed be your coach and guide, rather than doing it alone,” she says.

Southcoast’s Weight Loss Program empowered Kris to step out of her comfort zone and achieve her long-held dream of becoming a certified spin instructor. Now, she is an active member of her community gym, leading by example and teaching spin and “group power” classes to help others embrace a healthier lifestyle.

“I lost the weight, and I gained a new sense of confidence,” Kris says.

Following her steps

Kris knows from personal experience how important it is to feel supported and educated when it comes to your personal health and lifestyle. She encourages anyone interested in weight loss to take the next step and talk to their provider about the options available to them.

“I would recommend the weight loss program to anyone who wants to lose even a small amount of weight,” she says. “It was that great one-to-one experience that made it work for me.”

Exploring Your Weight Loss Program Options with Southcoast Health

Be confident in your weight loss efforts and make a plan with our experts at Southcoast Health. We’ll build a personalized plan with you and ensure you can stick with it.

The Southcoast Health Weight Loss Center offers options for patients wanting to lose weight without surgery in Fall River and Wareham. Find your nearest Southcoast Health Weight Loss Center today.