“Kindness Connections” to Relieve Patient Isolation

Now more than ever, our patients and their loved ones need as much support and comfort as we can possibly provide. But necessary visitation restrictions can make going above and beyond challenging.

In response, our Volunteer Services Department and Patient Experience Department have identified a solution. The answer lies in our capacity to facilitate virtual interactions and check-ins with our patients and their loved ones. Connecting virtually allows us to slow the spread of the virus among family and friends, protect the community and our frontline staff and conserve personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Southcoast Health will provide these “kindness connections” once a family member reaches out, requesting our services. Our virtual interactions include a personal phone call or facilitation of a FaceTime visit with their loved ones. Our goal is to relieve the anxieties of our patients and provide companionship and comfort during these uncertain times. Our Volunteer Managers and Patient Experience team are focused on ensuring families receive timely updates on patient’s care and making personal connections, something especially relevant for combating social isolation. We aim to add a beacon of light to our patient’s day. 

If you would like to request a “kindness connection” for your loved one, please contact: TurgeonC@southcoast.org or GalottiD@southcoast.org

Furthermore, our Patient Experience Department is working hard to reach out to each patient’s loved ones and their care team to acquire pictures of family and friends to place at our patient’s bedside. We hope that this small act will provide added comfort and warmth during this difficult time. 

If you have a loved one in our hospital and would like to submit photos, please send to patientexperience@southcoast.org