Jeanne’s Weight Loss Journey

Exploring Your Weight Loss Options with Southcoast Health

It is never too late to start over

Jeanne Maloney embarked on her weight loss journey in the summer of 2020, in her late 50s, motivated by her family history of heart disease. Her mother had a fatal heart attack at age 73, and Jeanne knew time was running out to make the lifestyle changes that would allow her to live a long and healthy life.

Jeanne recalls how accomplished she felt when her younger self would run half-marathons. Determined to get back that sense of accomplishment again, Jeanne became a patient of Southcoast Health’s Weight Loss Program to support her personal health goals and finally end her frustrating, ongoing battle with weight.

Overcoming Denial

Jeanne knew she had been overweight for nearly 20 years, and even avoided having her picture taken. She always found excuses to explain why different diets and exercise programs didn’t work. In May 2020, seeing herself in a photo was “a real eye opener,” she says.

Her Southcoast Health primary care provider at the time, Dr. Gendreau, also ran a successful weight loss program, which was recommended to Jeanne by a friend and former participant. She asked Dr. Gendreau if she’d be a candidate for the program, and in June of that year she was on her way to weight loss and being the person she knew she could be.

Beginning the Journey

Jeanne eased into her personalized, weight loss program. She started with a prescription medication, and followed a low carb diet plan recommended by her doctor.

“Weight loss isn’t one size fits all,” says Jeanne. “Because the program was made for me, I lost 54 pounds in the first year by focusing primarily on diet.”

Jeanne recalls feeling “relieved” when she was finally able to participate in demanding outdoor activities.  She and her husband took a trip to the Berkshires, where she could hike mountain trails without any trouble.

“Before I pursued weight loss, I struggled so much that we thought I was going to have a heart attack,” Jeanne recalls.

Finding the Right Support

Jeanne is succeeding this time, and she attributes it to the program’s structure. Unlike group meetings, which can be easier to skip, she feels accountable to show up for her meetings with her doctor. She feels understood by Dr. Gendreau, who recognizes that the weight loss journey is different for everyone. Southcoast Health’s Weight Loss Program has been customized for her, so she knows it has a better chance of working as long as she keeps her commitment.

“The doctors studied weight loss, so they understand that different people have different challenges and lose weight in different ways,” she says.

Today, she wouldn’t dream of missing an appointment and continues to follow up with Dr. Gendreau every three months.

A Lifetime of Understanding

Jeanne has realized that “dedicating yourself to the weight loss program has to come from within.” From her own weight loss journey, she knows how badly you have to want to be successful. She’s grateful for the Southcoast Health Weight Loss Center, which provided steadfast support throughout her journey. From the “Carb Manager” app, to the new foods Dr. Gendreau encouraged her to try, she now has sustainable resources for lifelong health. Though Jeanne doesn’t plan on running another half-marathon any time soon, she enjoys spending time being active with her husband outdoors.

Exploring Your Weight Loss Options with Southcoast Health

If you find yourself in a similar situation, Jeanne hopes you’ll take the life-changing steps she took and make a plan with Southcoast Health weight loss experts. We’ll build a personalized plan for you to ensure you can achieve the healthier lifestyle you seek.

The Southcoast Health Weight Loss Center offers options for patients wanting to lose weight without surgery in Fall River and Wareham. Find your nearest Weight Loss Center today.