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Need help with health coverage?

Patient financial counselors at Southcoast Health can help determine your eligibility for various health insurance programs and can also assist you with enrollment. Even if you work or have private health insurance, you may be able to get assistance such as:

  • Free health care
  • Low­cost health care
  • Help paying for your health insurance premiums
  • Tax credits to help offset the cost of your Health insurance

About MassHealth

What Can MassHealth do for you?

MassHealth is a state and federal program that provides health care benefits to Massachusetts residents with low and moderate incomes. It offers a broad range of health care services by paying for part or all of a MassHealth member’s health insurance, or by paying medical providers for their services to MassHealth members. MassHealth covers doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospital stays and many other important services.

Who can get MassHealth?

MassHealth offers benefits to people who meet eligibility requirements. We look at family size and income to decide if you or your family can get MassHealth. If you are age 65 or older, or in need of long­term care services, we also count some of your assets. Even if you or your family already have other health insurance, you may qualify if your family’s income is low or moderate. If your income is too high to get MassHealth, you may qualify for help paying for your insurance through a Health Connector Plan.

About the Massachusetts Health Connector

What can the Massachusetts Health Connector do for you?

The Massachusetts Health Connector (the Health Connector) provides access to health and dental insurance plans for individuals, families and small businesses. The Health Connector can help you shop for and enroll in insurance plans from leading health insurers in the state.

The Health Connector offers plans that provide full health benefits, including visits to the doctor or hospital and prescriptions. You can choose from a variety of plans with different premiums, copays, deductibles, doctors and hospitals. You may qualify to buy a low­-cost insurance plan (Connector Care plan) and get additional savings from the federal or state government (premium tax credits) through the Health Connector.

Premium tax credits are a way to lower the cost of your insurance premiums. The amount of your credit, if you are eligible, depends on your household size and income.

Who can get help from the Health Connector?

In general, you can qualify to buy a health and/or dental plan through the Health Connector if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You are a resident of Massachusetts;
  • You are a US citizen, a US national, or a lawfully present immigrant in the United States; and
  • You are not in prison.

In order to qualify for help paying for your plan, you have to meet certain income standards:

  • Have income that is less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level; and
  • Not qualify for Minimum Essential Coverage such as Medicare, MassHealth, or affordable employer­-sponsored insurance that meets the minimum value.

Other programs

What other health care programs are available?

MassHealth will determine if you qualify for other insurance affordable programs, including the Children’s Medical Security Plan and the Health Safety Net.

  • The Children’s Medical Security Plan is a program that provides preventive health care coverage for uninsured children aged 18 or younger, regardless of income. You may have to pay a monthly premium (fee).
  • The Health Safety Net pays hospitals and community health centers for certain services provided to low-income patients. It does not cover physician office visits.

How to apply

To apply for MassHealth, The Children’s Medical Security Plan, a Health Connector Plan with help paying cost, or the Health Safety Net, you must fill out either an Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs, or a Senior Medical Benefits Request.

To talk to someone in person about options that are available to you, contact our financial counselors who can help you apply for a program. Patient financial counselors at Southcoast Health can help determine your eligibility for various health insurance programs and can also assist you with enrollment.

Southcoast can help you find insurance

If you or your family are uninsured or partially insured, Southcoast’s Patient Financial Services department is here to review your eligibility for any possible insurance program.

A Southcoast outreach worker is available to meet with you to help you determine which health insurance may be best for your family. We can even help pull together all of the paperwork you need, fill out applications and help you file them with the state.

And we will provide follow­up assistance to make sure that the health insurance you qualify for is approved.

Make an appointment by calling:
Charlton: (508) ­973­-7264
St. Luke’s: (508­) 973-­5070
Tobey: (508­) 273­-4027
Fairhaven: (508) ­973­-2565
Or toll free: (800­) 474­-1533

For More Information

  • MassHealth | Managed by the Massachusetts Division of Medical Assistance, MassHealth pays for health care for eligible low­ and medium-­income people living in Massachusetts who are under age 65 and who are living in nursing homes or other long-term-­care facilities.

Managed care organizations providing coverage for MassHealth (Medicaid) members:

For more information about health insurance options, visit