Hispanic American Heritage Month: Karin

Hispanic American Heritage Month: Karin Ruoff Nocera

Originally from Argentina, Karin Ruoff Nocera is a Medical Interpreter and Translations Coordinator at Southcoast Health. Joining in 2008, she has been part of the Interpreter Services team for over 13 years. 

As an Interpreter, Karin plays an essential role in patient care, facilitating communications between clinical teams and patients who speak different languages.  

In honor of Hispanic American Heritage Month, Karin shared how her heritage influences her work and family life.

A native Spanish speaker, Karin is in charge of the Spanish Translations and helps ensure that the Portuguese and Spanish translations are received and completed quickly. She works closely with doctors, nurses, providers and staff to communicate patient concerns, explain treatments, and update families on their loved one’s conditions. 

“Conveying the right message from one language into another and breaking the communication barriers is one of the most special advantages of this profession,” she says.

Hispanic American Heritage month is a time to recognize the contributions and influences of Hispanic and Latin American history, culture, and achievements in the United States.

“Hispanic American Heritage Month is significant to me because, although I lived most of my life in Argentina, I raised my family here in the United States and they have always been immersed in both cultures,” she says. 

Growing up in Argentina

Growing up in Argentina, Karin’s family highly valued the blend of their German-Hispanic background and she was taught her to celebrate her heritage from a young age. 

“My identity has always been related to blending cultures,” she says. “Living in the States, I place the same value on continuing to celebrate the many aspects of my identity, which now includes being Hispanic-American too.”

Today, Karin makes it a priority for her own children to celebrate their multicultural background just as she did growing up. She cooks Argentinian dishes and always speaks Spanish with her family at home. It is important to Karin for her family to keep that part of their culture strong.

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