Hispanic American Heritage Month: Jamie Berberena

Jamie Berberena celebrates her Hispanic American Heritage. She is a Community Health Worker & Tobacco Education Coordinator at Southcoast Health. She joined the team on the Mobile Wellness Van five years ago but has served as a community advocate for as long as she can remember.

Fluent in Spanish and English, Jamie was able to provide essential community care

Throughout the past 18 months, Jamie has played an influential role in providing community outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fluent in Spanish and English, Jamie was able to provide essential community care and education to many families and community members at a time when they needed it most.

She and her team remained focused on making healthcare more widely accessible and coordinated and delivered numerous health screenings, testing and vaccination events throughout the region. 

In recognition of Hispanic American Heritage Month, Jamie shared how her heritage influences her life and work.

“It is an honor to carry on the cultural practices of my Puerto Rican ancestors,” says Jamie. “It means honoring my grandmother’s legacy, understanding the sacred wisdom of our elders who influence my lineage, and enlightening my daughters about our native roots our Taíno bloodline,” she says. The Taíno people are indigenous people of the Caribbean islands, including Puerto Rico.

Jamie explained that this month represents a time to recognize the contributions and influences of Hispanic and Latin American history, culture, and achievements in the United States. Jamie often celebrates her culture through storytelling, family gatherings, and sharing food and love.

“Part of our heritage is to honor our culture…”

Serving as a passionate community advocate, Jamie looks forward to continuing to help the community through outreach initiatives. “Part of our heritage is to honor our culture, unity, family, past, present, and work towards sustaining a healthy future generation,” she says. “I am honored and so very grateful to be chosen to serve in this lifetime.”

Apart from her help with pandemic related outreach, Jamie is involved with the Quitworks program. In this role, she enrolls residents in the program and provides health education, information and resources to promote tobacco cessation and the benefits of smoke free environments.

“I aspire to continue to show kindness, to be of service to others and impact lives in a positive way,” she says.

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