Natalie Gomes: 35 Years of Service

Meet Natalie Gomes: 35 Years of Service

Natalie Gomes is a Radiology Department Coordinator who has provided over 35 years of service to our organization! Starting at Charlton Memorial Hospital, Natalie has been able to grow with Southcoast, which formed as a not-for-profit community health system in 1996.

As Southcoast Health looks forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary, we’ve enjoyed looking back and hearing from individuals who have been here from the start.

Southcoast is a second family

“Over the years, Southcoast has become my second family,” she says.  “I grew up here.”

Getting her foot in the door, Natalie started in housekeeping as a 19-year-old.  At this time, family members were not allowed to work the same shift, so she started on the second shift while her sister worked the first. 

Working in many departments throughout her career, Natalie enjoys working with patients regularly and getting to know them. As a Portuguese speaker, she is able to help those patients who may face language barriers.

“The last year and a half has been very challenging with COVID, but I think Southcoast has done a great job with helping employees and patients through this,” she says.

Reflecting on 35 years of service

Reflecting on her time here, Natalie shared that Southcoast Health really is one big team.

“I’m grateful because I have had exceptional bosses and managers who have helped guide me through Southcoast as mentors,” she says. “They have helped me grow to where I am today.”

Thank you, Natalie, and thanks to all of our employees, providers, and staff!

25 Years of Growing with Our Community

Our region is home to generations of proud, hard-working, passionate people – individuals who have built the businesses, industries, organizations, and programs that define our exceptional community.

These businesses and individuals are our partners and friends, and, much like Southcoast Health, are invested in continuing to build our region to be the best place for every person in our community to work, raise a family, and call home. Learn more