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Urgent Care

Important Information for Providers

This patient may be presenting with Febrile Neutropenia (FN), which is a medical emergency. Please follow the guidelines below.

  • Triage patient as emergent.
  • Patient should be triaged to private room to minimize risk of exposure.
  • No rectal temperatures in neutropenic patients.
  • Neutropenic precautions must be initiated.

Notify the Southcoast Health Cancer Center Oncologist/Hematologist on call at:

  • Fairhaven: 508-973-3000
  • Fall River: 508-973-7888


  1. Blood culture x2 from separate peripheral sites. If patient has an implanted port, draw one blood culture from port and one peripherally.
  2. Urinalysis and Urine C&S (if clinically indicated)
  3. Chest X-ray (if clinically indicated)
  4. CBC and CMP, LDH, PT-INR.
  5. Determine if the patient is high or low risk: