Faces of Southcoast – April Estrela, Medical Assistant

April Estrela knew she wanted to enter the healthcare field from a young age.

“Growing up I admired the nurses and doctors working tirelessly to heal patients. I always knew that’s someone I wanted to be.”

Today, April is a Medical Assistant at the Southcoast Health Cancer Center in Fall River.

“I help and instruct patients in a way that they understand clearly, and make them feel as safe and confident in their care here as I am.”

The role of a Medical Assistant at the Cancer Center is crucial because she provides exceptional care while reviewing patient medications, medical history, and symptoms.

“We also provide compassion, optimism, and we show them how important they are to us.”

She says the greatest part of this position is her patients.

“I say this all the time and it couldn’t be more true. Our patients are the best. Their courage and optimism put a light in our life. How strong are they for pushing ahead regardless of all they are going through?”

In April’s experience, she has encountered the misconception that people often think medical assistants have limited communication with patients.

“In fact, we have a lot of communication, and that is essential because it tells us a lot about what to relay to the doctor because talking to your patient. Building a rapport is what gets the information you need to provide exceptional care,” she says. “Knowing the difference we Medical Assistants make in the office and the care we provide to our patients keeps me going and makes me enthusiastic to come in every day.”

April plans to grow within her department and learn more roles to better assist patients alongside her beloved co-workers.

“The Cancer Center family is incredible,” she says. “The doctors, nurses, receptionists, and medical assistants care deeply for our patients and want to see them live happy, healthy lives, and that makes me feel great to work in a place like this. It isn’t just a job where we come to earn a living, it is a job that we strive to be the best we can be for our patients, and I feel confident every day when I go home that we do just that!”

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