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Thomas McCormack, DO

4.7 out of 5 (401 Ratings)


Family Medicine / Primary Care

About Thomas McCormack

Dr. McCormack is a family medicine physician with Southcoast Physicians Group. He received his undergraduate and MD from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he also completed his medical internship and residency in family medicine.

Board certified in family practice, Dr. McCormack is a member of the American Osteopathic Association, the American College of Osteopathic Family Practitioners, and the Massachusetts Osteopathic Society.


Practicing at the following locations:

Southcoast Physicians Group Family Medicine

100 Rosebrook Way Suite 300
Wareham, MA 02571

P: 508-273-1830

Get Directions 41.775491 -70.73149790000002

Insurances Accepted

Southcoast accepts most major insurance plans. Call the Southcoast patient registration department at 844-297-2952 or your health plan with any questions regarding coverage.

Provider Ratings

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Patient Comments (110)

At Southcoast Health, we strive to deliver exceptional patient care along with an exceptional patient experience. We appreciate all of your feedback and share your comments to recognize the wonderful care our teams provide to you as well as identify areas for improvement.

  • The Team in Dr McCormack's office are always very helpful, kind and supportive. Dr McCormack, always takes the time to review the chart, walk through it with me, and offers suggestions on how to improve the things I need to work on to remain healthy. He is the best!!

  • Dr.McCormick is the perfect primary Dr. For me. His staff awesome!

  • He used to be at 10+ Southcoast became about business and healthcare - very sad

  • No issues!

  • The staff is very pleasant, but Dr. Mc Cormack seems to just want to run in and out and he asked me how old I was and I said 58 and he said " Yeah, give or take a few years". Which I took to mean that he thought I was lying about my age, insinuating I look older. I was rather insulted and thought that was mean spirited! I have been seeing him for years now and he should know my age anyway.

  • Everything is perfect

  • healthcare today is just a money making business. very few doctors are in tune with their paitents. last year tobey hospital missed major problems i had and i almost died. also last year a tobey nurse jammed a covid test up my wifes nose so far to try and prove she had covid and caused severe nose bleed. it's just not what it used to be any more

  • Dr. McCormack listened carefully to what I relayed about all the specialists that I see and changes in my health.

  • Staff is knowledgeable and attentive. The dr. Is also knowledgeable and attentive . Very pleased with the quality of service rcvd. Keep up the good work.Regards SPK

  • Everyone was very helpful. Dr McCormack is a great doctor!

  • My concerns were addressed & advice given

  • Dr McCormack is an amazing dr Thoughtful ,Kind professional… he listens and is very good

  • Everyone was pleasant in the office!

  • Everything is always great when I go to Dr. McCormack (INAUDIBLE) with him for so many years. It's usually a very short wait and he listens to me and I respect him, and he respects me. He's a great man.

  • always listens to yoyr questions

  • As the survey stated, informed, excellent care

  • Always prompt on taking our visits and always prompt on doing our prescriptions.

  • Great personalized care. Thanks!!

  • All went very well was seen in a timely maner.

  • 15 min appointments are ridiculous. Exams are not thorough and provider is rushed due to heavy appointment schedule!!

  • Dr. McMormick is always on time and listens to your guestions.

  • I was running late for my appointment and they did make me reschedule. Dr. McCormack and his staff are always professional and willing to help in any way possible.

  • so md's visit went well, however disappointed that i had to make a separate appointment for blood draw. will require additional 30 mile round trip for a procedure that takes 10 minutes if that.

  • Informative & professional

  • My experience with this doctor and this office has only ever been positive!

  • timely appointment and professional

  • Everyone was very professional and was very helpful

  • I have been a patient of Dr. McCormack for 30 years or so, and I wouldn't leave him for all the tea in China. He is amazing. He knows all there is to know about me and I trust him wholeheartedly. Thank you.

  • Answering the phone and not keeping somebody on hold for hours would be great. But besides that, it was okay. Thank you.


  • My Doctor, Thomas McCormack is a wonderful doctor and has helped me out so much over the last four months with my health proplems! I just can not sayhow happy I am to have Him for a doctor!!!Signed, [Name]. [Name]

  • No waiting awesome dr Mcormack top of the line

  • Prompt , friendly and informational

  • Everyone was friendly so I was very relaxed and they were very professional. I would highly recommend Dr McCormack to my friends and family. They were on time and took time to answer my questions.

  • DR McCormacku00A0is awesome been with him since the beginning of his practice love him!

  • Provider is not thorough. Very minimal exam for annual physical.

  • Professional and personable provider and staff

  • Can't really improve. It's the best.

  • Reception to checkout was great!

  • always listens and very knowledgeable

  • The Doctor took me in on short notice and I was not even his patient, great experience, thanks

  • Listened to me treated me pfofesional with courtesy and consideration


  • Everything, excellent all the way around!

  • All the doctor's offices that I deal with, 110%. The pharmacy needs some work on being courteous and calling back and following through when you leave the phone number. Other than that, all the doctors that I have, 100% on point.

  • I'm always seen timely without a wait for my appt.

  • Good visit Dr McCormack is great!

  • A good visit and very pleasant

  • The provider was very knowledgeable about my particular problems and had offered many opinions as to how we could take care of them, but utilized other providers, Dr. Input also, which was on the computer, and he was also very efficient and very quick to go get me an appointment because there was a certain time sensitivity to it and that provided a very comforting response from him. I appreciate it as this throwing us and his attitude and concentration was what was one very good.

  • Always have full attention knowledge of my health and concerns. Seen promptly on time or early. I have been one first patients since start of his practice and always pleasure to see, caring how I am on any issues. He has never been late to any of my appointments Pleasure have to have qualified Doctor that puts his patients first,. In areas to improve since covid our medical concerns they go the extra mile and his entire staff We need more drs like him!

  • Yes. I felt this doctor is all of concerned about my health and trying very hard to get my blood pressure down and helping me out with a lot of different things with my health. I have a lot of different problems. So I filled it is always on top of everything. That's all.

  • The staff at the front desk is excellent.

  • long time patient feel that I have someone to see when I have a medical problem

  • Got me an appointment the day I called. I had some breathing trouble. Meds, blood tests,xray's and ekg. What more could I ask for.

  • The doctor and the office staff are very helpful and very respectful and friendly never had a bad experience there

  • I was seen promptly. Everyone was welcoming and courteous. Dr. McCormack checked my blood pressure twice and ordered followup bloodwork and a followup appointment. I was reassured that he is being proactive in treating my elevated BP, my main health concern.

  • Everything was great.

  • Dr. McCormack Is Very Professional and Very Caring and Personal All in one Visit. Not Always seen with other Doctors in past experience.

  • Always a pleasure. Takes an interest in me. Takes good care of me. Values me as a patient and an individual.

  • Routine blood work could concur with a routine physical exam. I was not pleased to learn that I had to schedule a second visit.On a brighter note, your staff are pleasant and professional.

  • All good

  • On time down to business

  • I've never had an issue with Dr McCormack. He is a great doctor

  • I'm very happy that I selected. Dr. [Name] to be my provider. Dr. [Name] left. And I I. Had a choice. And I, I chose Dr. [Name] and I'm very, very happy that I did. And he made me feel very comfortable. And I feel I feel secure with him, and and I really, really liked him as a person and as a doctor.

  • Dr Mccormack always goes above and beyond and listens to his patients.

  • The front line staff are CONSISTENTLY awful. The ONLY reason I stay at south coast is my providers. I trust my doctors and some of their close working staff- the people who answer the phone, complete intake, etc are deplorable.

  • I believe my provider is always in a hurry.

  • Clean facility. Professional staff. Everything fine.

  • Check in Experience always great. [Name] is always smiling and pleasant Dr McCormack is great too always listens to what I have to say??

  • I was given an appointment the same day I called. I really appreciated it because I was concerned what was going on with my health.

  • Hi, good morning. Everything was absolutely wonderful from the time I got there. I was seen right on time, super courteous and friendly, I can't say enough about how happy I am with the service. Thank you.

  • Provider asked questions about my health and listened. He did a thorough examination.

  • Listen to what I really said . Then do not put what you want to in your input on MyChart

  • Dr. McCormack has always been kind, compassionate and genuine in our interactions. He's thorough and quick, but not hurried. Always listens and is attentive.

  • I enjoy talking with my provider and seeing him of course. He explains everything to me in a way that I understand, he always ask if I understood what he explained and if I didn't he would explain and assure me that everything is going to be okay and he is on it and any questions or concerns to always call his office whether the nurse or himself would call me back with answers to what I am concern about or would get the questioned answered. Never to worry. He is AWESOME

  • Very kind and courteous staff

  • No issues or problems. both the office and the lab did a great job of getting me in and out in a timely manner.

  • Dr. McCormack, is very knowledgeable, caring,and listens to my symptoms. Asks pertinent questions, and is a great Doctor.

  • Everything was right on task.

  • I was given an appointment the same day and I was seen with very little waiting My issues were addressed The staff were all very courteous

  • We feel very fortunate to have Dr. McCormack. He is very kind, attentive, and thorough.

  • It was a follow up to a July endoscopy and my appointment was expedited due to my schedule. My GP went beyond simply discussing any follow up physical or prescription issues. Efficient appointment.

  • HIRE MORE PEOPLE TO ANSWER THE PHONES WITHIN 5 MINUTESWE WAITED OVER 1/2 HOUR!!!!!(Lost battery power on one cell phone so had to call again with another cell phone!) INEXCUSABLE!

  • i had to wait about 10 minutes to register. Women behind desk appeared to be on a listening devise. They did not look up or acknowledge that i was waiting in line. They were not helping anyone. Dr McCormick came out to call me in for my appointment, not one of the nurses.

  • Great service

  • Waited on promptly by staff and Doctor very efficiently. Check out staff friendly and helpful.

  • Great staff

  • Just fantastic personalized care every time

  • I am always treated well when I come there by all the staff.

  • Only thing I would suggest is if someone has a issue with really bad pains and especially with scheduling a MRI or CAT scan, whatever it is probably be done, a lot of that, a little bit faster than waiting a day or two to kinda here when your appointments going to be,

  • Timely, attentive and knowledgeable about my medical history.

  • I have had great success with Southcoast in partnering with my in my healthcare goals

  • Dr. McCormack is an excellent provider and is a pleasure to visit. He listens carefully, answers questions very clearly and provides exceptional care.

  • Hello, I'm saying that I've had excellent treatment at anytime I needed to know something, usually everything was in front of me saying this is what you need to do, what you should do, every... every step of the way. This goes to my cancer treatment, that's another branch of Southcoast. The whole experience was... my parents were shocked that we get such good care and I was very... obviously I'm still alive, so I've done quite well. I'm... I'm very pleased with them. Thank you.u00A0

  • Dr MCCORMACK is the best there is.

  • I was taken to the exam room exactly on time, and it was late afternoon![Name](Nurse) was extremely personable, professional, and efficient. Exceptional choice in this patient-facing role! I also appreciate Dr. McCormack's easy-going nature, and his clear understanding of my health history and the reason for my visit BEFORE he comes in the room! (Other Dr.'s seemingly re-familiarize themselves with their patients only when they get in the room... Not Dr. McCormack.)

  • Dr.McCormack is the best!

  • [Name] - who checked me in - was great. I was having a chaotic day and she just calmed me down to enjoy the moment and I bet she didn't even realize it!! Not too many assets at Southcoast but she is definitely one!!

  • I wish I could have gotten in sooner when I was suffering from back pain- by the time my appointment rolled around, my back was better. The waiting months to meet and see my newly assigned PCP seemed wrong. I am, however, grateful that Dr. McCormack accepted me as a new patient.

  • Dr. McCormick's is always been very attentive to any questions or concerns I may have, he listens carefully to any symptoms or concerns of mine. I did feel bad that he had to come out to the waiting room and call patients in himself because of lack of help there. And yeah, I just I was surprised and felt bad, and I really enjoyed having him as my doctor. Bye.

  • Waiting room furniture should change to washable surface to allow for proper cleaning.

  • Dr McCormack and his support staff were great. They were friendly and caring. I'm very comfortable and cared for by Dr McCormack and feel lucky to have him as my doctor Thank you Dr McCormack and staff membersu00A0

  • Today was my first visit with Dr. McCormack and I am so happy with the change. I was with another doctor in South Coast who is no longer with the practice. I felt heard, he was on top of my prior medical history and listened to my questions and gave advice. I did not have this experience with the prior PCP that I was seeing and I am so happy that I have made the change to him. It is a world of a difference!

  • Hi, I was having some hip pain and I was fortunate enough to get in to see Dr. Mccormack very quickly the day after I called I was seen right away. It was not a regular visit. So a lot of the questions that I would ... that you would expect like, what are your health goals and are you safe at home? were not asked, we went directly to the cause of the hip pain. It was diagnosed. He proceeded to try to fix it, and he was successful and it was a great visit. Thanks.

  • There's nothing better. They could have done for me. Everyone is absolutely wonderful in that office...and I would recommend them highly.

  • The wait time was very appropriate

  • I personally prefer a doctor that takes his time during the visit like they did thirty years ago to address all concerns. Now all doctors work for someone who set goals of patients per day. The personal care experience has changed over the years doctors use to have there own offices and worked in their comfort zone

  • Dr. Mccormack is the best doctor I have had and I am 63 years old. He was there when I need him. He gives me good response to anything I need, appointments with specialist or whatever, I can't say enough about him.

  • Timely, thorough, efficient, great job!

  • Dr. McCormick always listens to my questions and is attentive.

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Southcoast Health physician profiles now feature star ratings.  Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions about our process for calculating the ratings.

Why does Southcoast publish survey ratings online?
Southcoast is dedicated to providing patients and consumers with helpful information about the quality of our patients’ experiences. Star ratings published on our physician biography pages are based on actual responses from patients of that particular physician to patient satisfaction surveys that are distributed and processed by a national patient satisfaction survey vendor.

Who receives the survey?
Our vendor sends surveys via SMS or email to all patients seen in our outpatient physician practices who have a valid smart phone number or email address on file with Southcoast Health. Surveys are sent to patients within a few days of their appointment.

How is the Patient Satisfaction Star Rating Calculated?
Star ratings are calculated using an average of all survey responses to each of three questions: Courtesy and Respect of Staff, Provider Overall Rating, and  Willingness to Recommend Provider’s Office.  The star rating displayed on our physicians’ main biography page represents the average of the three measures for that particular physician.