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Jayanthi Parameswaran, MD

4.9 out of 5 (444 Ratings)


Internal Medicine / Primary Care

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Please Read regarding COVID-19

The Department of Public Health requires patients, visitors, and employees to wear face masks within the healthcare setting. Please wear a mask to your upcoming appointment. We will contact you by text or phone prior to your appointment to ask you about any COVID-19 symptoms you may be experiencing. Please complete our screening questions prior to your appointment.


If you are experiencing severe symptoms such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Change in level of consciousness or mental state/dizziness,
  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • Difficulty speaking, seeing, or loss of vision
  • Numbness/weakness in face or arms/legs
  • Blood in urine, stool, vomit, or coughing blood, poisoning or overdose
  • Serious wounds or injuries (uncontrollable bleeding)
  • Severe pain (head, neck, or abdominal)
  • Severe allergic reactions, or anything else you believe to be an emergency

Call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency room.

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About Jayanthi Parameswaran

Dr. Parameswaran received her medical degree from the Jawaharial Institute at Pondicherry University, India. She completed her residency at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. where she served as Chief Resident.

She is board certified in Internal Medicine.


Practicing at the following locations:

Southcoast Physicians Group Internal Medicine

672 Aquidneck Avenue The Polo Center
Middletown, RI 02842

P: 401-847-0519

Get Directions 41.5058976 -71.28197439999997

Insurances Accepted

Southcoast accepts most major insurance plans. Call the Southcoast patient registration department at 844-297-2952 or your health plan with any questions regarding coverage.

Provider Ratings

Rating Willingness to recommend provider’s office Overall Provider Experience Courtesy and Respect of Staff

Patient Comments (118)

At Southcoast Health, we strive to deliver exceptional patient care along with an exceptional patient experience. We appreciate all of your feedback and share your comments to recognize the wonderful care our teams provide to you as well as identify areas for improvement.

  • Dr Parameswaran is an incredible provider. She always takes time to listen - review history, labs and explain a plan of care together. She always educates during visits and responds to questions through the portal. I am blessed to have such a caring physician!

  • Didn't wait long, treated with respect and had my needs met.

  • I love my doctor Dr. Parameswaran. As far as I'm concerned nothing else about the medical experience matters except that she's my doctor. The girls at the reception desk are always very friendly….. Dark black hair I believe [Name] is her name she's great

  • Everything Dr.P IS A GREAT DOCTOR

  • I was greeted warmly by [Name], the receptionist. I waited less than 10 minutes to be weighted and vitals taken by [Name], and less than 5 to see Dr. Parameswaran.

  • Alway great customer service, and can always get an appointment scheduled right away

  • All good - I answered one question about receiving information as "no" but I have receive that information before

  • Sometimes the wait time is long but not today.. everything about the visit was excellent.

  • Total professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail…Bravo, well done.

  • Wait time way too long. 1 hour

  • Professionally greeted that in a timely manner of the primary care physician that I use is beyond excellent. She is up to date on any other outside physicians, I have to seal the things, setting goals, resetting goals, going over tests. She's she's just beyond excellent. I can't say enough. About this physician, How professional she is, how on track she is and I can just... simple tips to help can already see a difference. Anything, so I just highly recommend this physician at this facility.

  • Quality time with the physician was appreciated on my first visit. The 30 minute wait past appointment time was not ideal however it was a late-day appointment and things understandably back up - particularly in a medical office.

  • Dr. Parmeswaran is wonderful, and I will put up with the failings of the support staff just to see her. But - the intake person at reception was so distracted by what was going on in the next cubicle (someone had come in to urgent care with a cut finger) that she stopped working on my registration to try to get a look. I was uncomfortable as I felt the man deserved his privacy, not a gawker, and I wanted to complete my registration. I waited 25 minutes in the waiting room while people came in without masks and were told that was ok (the signs - plural - outside made it clear that a mask was required to enter), and people in the waiting room took their masks down to try to engage in conversation with me. I don't mean to sound uptight but it makes me uncomfortable to be around people who thinks the rules don't apply to them.... If masks aren't important any longer, take the signs down. After 25 minutes in the waiting room, and everyone in the waiting room had come and gone, I asked how much longer the wait time would be. I suspect - though I admit I don't know - that the distracted receptionist might have forgotten to tell the Dr. I was there for my appointment.

  • All went very well

  • the Dr. is very special she is informed and ready to listen you are very lucky to have her in the system and if I have to wait it is because she is addressing anothers issue and not looking at the clock

  • Everything seems like a well oiled wheel..and everyone knows their jobs very well. Communication is very good between the staff and Dr. P.Friendly, professional and efficient office !

  • Dr Parmeswaran and her MA [Name] are wonderful, caring and I always feel heard when I have concerns.

  • I always have an amazing experience. I wouldn't change anything.

  • Great Doctor. Very caring!

  • The only challenge I have experienced, is regarding the nurse that took care of me. I have had this nurse a few times and every time .. she has a curt bedside manner.... I'm a pretty happy person and when you are fighting an incurable Cancer, having a nurse who is being nonchalant, and seemed indifferent, boxes not make for a fabulous experience...To be clear... EVERYONE ELSE IS UH-MAY-ZING... specifically Dr Parameswaran!

  • Always pleasant and helpful!

  • Dr P is the best physician I've ever had over the last 63 years

  • Wait time is long

  • Front desk staff. One helping me was great. The other cell rang & she got up to answer it right away. Not good customer service when a cell is more important than patients.

  • Dr. Parameswaran is observant, thorough, and professional. She references data from multiple sources when making a diagnosis. She shares information clearly and ensures understanding. She is an intelligent, compassionate human being who cares and wants the best for her patients.

  • Dr P. Is always thoughtful, thorough, pleasant. She talks about all aspects of health and well being. I adore her!

  • Dr Paramswarren diagnosed a difficult and unusual problem brilliantly. She is an excellent doctor in every way!

  • DR. Parameswaren always listens and finds a way to help

  • The office is incredibly professional. They actually open the doors before 8:00 a.m., when they are technically due to open. The woman that greets you is ... provides great clarity, and intake information. Dr. Parameswaran is absolutely the best, most comprehensive Dr. Thank you.

  • Dr. Parameswaran always listens and always takes great care of me.

  • Dr Parms the hands down BEST dr I've ever had in my 64 years of life. Her entire staff through this pandemic is phenomenal

  • Everyone is kind, helpful and considerate. I love my doctor. But I always have to wait longer than half and hour, and sometimes up to an hour, which always upsets me. I don't know what you can do to improve this, except allow your doctors to take on fewer appointments per day. It is unfair to both the doctors and the patients. Southcoast is not just a company that needs to make money, it is a healthcare provider. Jamming as many patients as you can into a given timeframe is bad for doctors and bad for patients. So if you truly care about your doctors and you patients, do something about this problem

  • My Dr. Parm. is the best Dr. The receptionist need to stop hollering out your personal info.

  • Everyone was great

  • Dr Parameswaran always listens and shows she genuinely cares about me and my concerns .

  • I always enjoy my visits with Dr. Parameswaran. She is a delightfully intelligent, warm and caring woman who really seems to care about her patients.

  • Waiting for 30-45 minutes to see the doctor is unacceptable.

  • Very personal and professional! She treated me with kid gloves while being honest! Super!

  • Office staff were very helpful and nice. The only difficulty is that my prescriptions were not sent to the Navy pharmacy. Two days later I had to call the office to sort this out. She said they were on the fax machine but didn't go through.

  • Nothing to improve! [Name] [Name] at front desk was friendly, professional, and courteous. Her cheerful demeanor was a pleasant moment in my day. And of course, Dr. Parameswaran is a life-transforming physician! She listens, analyzes, and acts! She encourages and re-animates. She is a fabulous credit to the organization. I am very lucky to be under her care.

  • Actually cares and listens to concerns then comes up with a plan to inform/treat and lower anxiety

  • Everything!!!

  • Dr. Parameswaran Needs a pay bump, she is incredibly attentive, listens well, empathizes with her patient, even understanding how they are understanding and processing what she is telling them. For me, I am an engineer. I need explanations for what is occurring, and why the docs prescribed treatment is the most logical one. Too many times I've had providers diagnose without listening to my whole explanation and medical history. My ear issue has been misdiagnosed 3 times now, ongoing for over 4 months. Dr. Parameswaran Listened to everything, provided in-depth explanations on what was occurring and why what she was prescribing would fix the issue, and sympathized with my situation, while trying to make sure I didn't have to visit a doc office again. A+++ service!

  • all is good!!

  • They are great.

  • Dr. Paresawaren is a thorough physician who knows her patients history and responds to the input she is given. Smart and too dedicated. Needs a long holiday!!

  • Doctor Parmiswanna is wonderful she's the best doctor we have ever had she takes very good care of [Name] health couldn't ask for a better doctor than Doctor Parmiswanna

  • Dr Parameswaran is a wonderful caring. I'm so glad she is my new PCP

  • Wait time was over an hour for scheduled appointment

  • Dr Parmeswaen is wonderful and provides the best health path for my long term health plan.

  • Dr Parameswaran is a wonderful caring doctor

  • My doctor is one of the best doctors in the state.

  • I noticed a nice improvement with the front desk staff. More friendly and pleasant and seemed more focused on good customer service.

  • Dr. Parameswaran is great doctor!! She listens, respectfully, & professional. I'm truly grateful that she is my doctor!!u00A0

  • Always concerned

  • Dr. P. is the BEST! Clone her!

  • First and foremost when you are checking in EVERYONE in the waiting room can hear everything. It a huge violation of hippa especially checking in for an urgent care appointment. Secondly it is always a very long wait almost 45 minutes to 1 hour to even get in the office.

  • Dr Parameswaran and her office staff are - and always have been TOP NOTCH! No beating around the bush, gets right to the point. Extremely compassionate and informative. Staff is exceptionally nice. It has been the best medical staff and facility I have ever encountered. I hope they all stay for a very long time. Southcoast has hired the BEST OF THE BEST! I am totally satisfied. A huge "Thank You" to Dr Parameswaran and Southcoast and their Staff.u00A0

  • If running late, a call stating so would be helpful. This would be time efficient for someone using lunch hour to attend. But, overall, provider and staff are extremely wonderful.

  • I have been with Dr.Paramaswaran for 28 years and she has treated me through some pretty rough times. I have been very satisfied.

  • Visit went very dwell. Everyone was friendly and helpful.Dr. Parameswaran is the best!

  • If provider is running late, inform us! I would rather spend less time waiting in the waiting room and exam room.

  • Dr. Parm and her staff are the absolute BEST … as long as she is there I will be there ! Her staff and the office staff is A+++++

  • Great staff,kind and compassionate Brillant doctor

  • Was in and out within an hour. Was made to feel comfortable from registering to discharging.

  • The NP's at Dr Parameswaran's office are far more on top of things as far as my concerns go, than my Dr. I've reached a point where I would rather see them than my PC. They not only listen but are attentive to what I'm saying. They don't rush me, and explain things well. They ask me questions, and let me ask questions as well. My last visit to my PC, she went through a litany of things, before I came to realize she didn't realize the actual reason for my visit. Earlier that same day, when I talked to [Name] I'm convinced she had not previously talked to [Name] to find out my reason for coming in. Total lack of communication.Also, my appt was at 4:45 and I was not called in from the waiting room until 5:45. Way to long of a wait, especially a post surgical patient.I hope things change for the better!

  • Dr. Parameswaranu00A0and her staff are top notch. Thank you.

  • Dr Parmeswaran is extremely professional and shows an interest in how I'm doing, both medically and mentally. I would recommend her to everyone.

  • Primary care physician very competent and personable

  • Good visit no issues.

  • The one thing that I would have liked better was when I called the office to see how behind the doctor was running, I was told she was running about 30 minutes, but then I was told that if I didn't arrive within 15 minutes of my scheduled appointment that I would be automatically canceled. And I didn't think that was fair because it ended up probably being almost an hour behind, and I would have appreciated being able to come a little bit later so that I didn't have to sit there and wait. But overall I did appreciate they let me go to my car. I just spent a long time waiting once I got in the room. Thank you.

  • Dr. PARM is the best. She listens so well to everything I talk about and makes it a safe environment to speak about anything. One thing she does that I love is the education as she is talking. She never hesitates to show a clinical study, drug information, etc.... Also- I had to have blood work before my appointment and I dont do well (I typically paas out). BECKY WAS FANTASTIC!!!! No passing out and barely felt a prick!

  • Doctor P is the best

  • I feel my provider is excellent. The difficulty is getting to see her when necessary. Recently, I saw her for going over medication. My medication was changed and I need to have blood work done and I need to go back to see her in 2 months and I can not get an appointment for 3 months. The receptionist said I would have to see the phyician assistance. I want to see the Doctor not her assistance. I seriously thinking of changing Doctors and going going to Southcoast. It should not take 3 months to see a doctor.

  • The waiting area in this facility is not at all inviting or confidential. It's a cold and unremarkable area. The urgent care patients are waiting along side the regular appointment patients.

  • Waiting 1-3 months to get a 15 minute appointment is not good health care. I used to be able to call and get an appointment within a day ,or come in on one morning a week for an immediate visit if needed. My great doctor is way over worked, And always rushing now. I have about ten things wrong that I wanted to discuss , but 15 minutes doesn't get thru them all. At the end of the appointment , I didn't get the referrals she was going to give me ,nor the rx paperwork. A half hour should be the minimum time for an appointment.

  • All of the staff members were very courteous and answered my questions about the procedures I had.

  • Everything done well

  • You did what you should do, what is expected for good service... I cannot suggest anything to improve.

  • I love Dr. Parm.

  • Dr Parm and her team are awesome, knowledgeable and caring!

  • Dre. P was great.

  • Everyone was friendly, attentive, competent and efficient. Dr Parameswaran is amazing.

  • Hi, Dr. Parameswaran is a stellar physician. I really like her a lot and I appreciate her advice and her guidance, and what not. Sometimes I had to wait 1/2 hour or 40 minutes, on the 23rd for this visit. Sometimes you have to wait quite a while. That's the only complaint I have about that facility, but Dr. Parameswaran is the best. Thank you.

  • The wait time from the time I entered the building, until I was seen by the physician was 45 minutes. I find that unacceptable.

  • to my understanding your should better comply with assigned schedule and not allow waiting for an hour after the appointment.

  • Great provider and staff!

  • the service that you provide will get better when this pandemic is over, right now your service is fine

  • Waiting time to long with an appointment!!!!!!

  • My provider, Dr Parameswaran, was wonderful and helpful! No improvements necessary,

  • I can't think of a thing. Dr. P is thorough, thoughtful, insightful communicative and caring. What more could I ask for?

  • The office is professional. My PC provider is exceptional! She listens, she is up to to date, provides resources for improving my health and sets healthy goals with me.

  • Dr. Parameswaran, Is careful to explain the medical terms so that I fully understand. She really listens to me and is so thorough in seeing my total health picture all together. I trust her with my care and appreciate her professionalism.

  • I love Dr. Paramaswarin and her staff. This office is always clean and efficient. I consistently recommend her and many of my friends have transferred care to her. My entire family comes here!

  • No real complaints from a retired practioner of 30 years

  • The front desk staff was wonderful. It was a lengthy wait, to see the doctor.

  • Turn off the sound in the waiting room-- put the tv on closed captions.

  • She always listened to me regarding my care questions

  • This provider I rate this provider a 10. The provider is excellent. An excellent physician.

  • Dr. Parameswaran is always been outstanding, and very extremely smart person.

  • Dr. Parameswaran, is always personable, always asking personal questions about family and my health. She is up to date with last minute, new research to provide written feedback, so you can read stuff when you get home. He gives you handouts or papers that afterwards. She's fantastic was just about everything. I would not trade for all the world and she's wonderful and I'm looking to have her as my doctor. I give her a 10. +. Thank you.

  • Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, professional.

  • DR Parameswaran is an excellent resource and doctor. She cares and it shows

  • [Name] the medical assistant was kind and attentive. [Name] and [Name] at the front desk were extremely helpful with all questions I had. Dr. Parameswaran was a delight. She was very knowledgeable, listened well and really seemed to care about my health. What a wonderful visit!

  • Can not think of a thing.

  • Clean, modern facility; friendly, competent staff; professional, knowledgeable doctor…

  • Dr parm is remarkable

  • Ling time doctor abd a very helpful nurse and front desk staff. Busy doctor do not always convenient but there when I need. Very satisfied.

  • I would walk through fire to stay with Dr. Parameswaran. She is a superb clinician and a wonderful human. The admin/medical staff are terrific, particularly [Name] and [Name]

  • Dr. Parameswaren is the best. It was so nice to go directly to the lab following my appointment, everything done in one stop.Thank you!

  • Respectful, professional, extremely knowledgeable!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Parameswaran and staff are always professional and focused on great care. I really appreciate that.

  • No problem with anything always very pleased with care

  • Exceptional care from dr parameswaran

  • I learn something worthwhile every time I have an appointment with Dr. Parameswaran.

  • The wait in the exam room was long..

  • My Doctor is excellent. Very intelligent, and very concerned about helping her patients.

  • The doctor took the time to explain in detail the significance and consequence of lab results and offered suggestions on how to implement improvements.

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Southcoast Health physician profiles now feature star ratings.  Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions about our process for calculating the ratings.

Why does Southcoast publish survey ratings online?
Southcoast is dedicated to providing patients and consumers with helpful information about the quality of our patients’ experiences. Star ratings published on our physician biography pages are based on actual responses from patients of that particular physician to patient satisfaction surveys that are distributed and processed by a national patient satisfaction survey vendor.

Who receives the survey?
Our vendor sends surveys via SMS or email to all patients seen in our outpatient physician practices who have a valid smart phone number or email address on file with Southcoast Health. Surveys are sent to patients within a few days of their appointment.

How is the Patient Satisfaction Star Rating Calculated?
Star ratings are calculated using an average of all survey responses to each of three questions: Courtesy and Respect of Staff, Provider Overall Rating, and  Willingness to Recommend Provider’s Office.  The star rating displayed on our physicians’ main biography page represents the average of the three measures for that particular physician.