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Allison Gorski, MD

4.7 out of 5 (391 Ratings)


Pain Medicine

About Allison Gorski

Dr. Gorski is a pain medicine specialist who supports the Southcoast Brain & Spine Center, Southcoast Health Cancer Centers and Southcoast Physicians Group in managing the complex issues of acute and chronic pain.

Before joining Southcoast, Dr. Gorski was the chief of anesthesia and medical director of pain management at Saint Anne’s Hospital in Fall River, Mass.

Dr. Gorski earned her medical degree at Boston University School of Medicine. She completed her residency in anesthesiology at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton, Mass.

She is board certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology.


Allison practices at the following locations:

Southcoast Physicians Group Pain Medicine

206 Mill Road at the Cancer Center
Fairhaven, MA 02719

P: 508-973-9170

Get Directions 41.6536108 -70.88166089999999

Southcoast Physicians Group Pain Medicine

480 Hawthorn Street
Dartmouth, MA 02747

P: 508-973-9170

Get Directions 41.625282 -70.9559079

Insurances Accepted

Southcoast accepts most major insurance plans. Call the Southcoast patient registration department at 844-297-2952 or your health plan with any questions regarding coverage.

Provider Ratings

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Patient Comments (80)

At Southcoast Health, we strive to deliver exceptional patient care along with an exceptional patient experience. We appreciate all of your feedback and share your comments to recognize the wonderful care our teams provide to you as well as identify areas for improvement.

  • There was some confusion regarding the telemed connection. My application was at 3:30 pm and when I didn’t get a text message or email to connnect to the dr. I had to call the dr. ‘s office to notify them at 3:40pm. Within 5 minutes I received a text to connect to my dr.

  • Dr. Gorski,Is one of the most caring and goes above and beyond for her patients. She is always think outside the box in my best interest. I wish there were more like her!!!!!!!!

  • It was a very pleasant experience everyone was very helpful and very pleasant.andThank you. And God bless you all in Jesus Christ name

  • Excellent happy friendly well-informed staff caring

  • Entire staff was very pleasant and courteous ensuring I had everything I needed.

  • The staff is friendly and awesome to deal with, they have been from the first time I had the privilege to meet them. Thank you for your time and professionalism

  • I was pleased to have dr.Gorski say that i could have a shot to relieve my pain.

  • The office people's where really nice. And the doctor was really great. And she really cares about people. All in all, my experience with the people in the office was good. And the doctor was great.

  • I am very satisfied with this provider. From day one everyone was very nice. The provider listened to my concerns and provided me with great care. Staff has always responded quickly and resolved my issues.

  • My ability to live life my way is mine again thanks to this incredible doctor...Gorski...the best at giving you a chance to have a pain level i can handle easily..thank GOD for her expertise...

  • There is nothing to improve about the office. I am very happy with the provider that i have and i have been with her for a very long time. I would recommend her to any of my family and friends. She knows her job and i would not what another provider just to stay with dr.gorski. she has patients with u and know her job.

  • Attentive and knowledgeable.

  • The staff is always courteous, and friendly. Dr. Gorski and [Name] [Name] are the best, love them both.Best regards

  • Always great when meeting with Dr Gorski and her staff. They are very caring and always listen to all is your concerns.

  • I have no comments. Everything went well, as always. I am pleased with my Southcoast doctors.

  • There ia nothing to change.Your office staff and doctor are very courteous and attentive to my needs...

  • Everyone is so kind and helpful and always so pleasant

  • Wonderful experience for a visual conference. Dr.Gorski is a fabulous person. Very easy to talk to.

  • everybody and everything's been great there's nothing I would change

  • I have always felt like Dr Gorski believes in my pain and what I am going through. She understands and willingness to try other options to try and relieve some of my pain.

  • I think that the health care at this facility is outstanding. I would recommend it to anybody especially Dr. Gorski and her staff. They're all wonderful people is extremely knowledgeable, and I'm very pleased. And lucky to have met her and her staff. That's all. Thank you.

  • Listen closely and offered advice about my situation

  • One of the best provider in Southcoast

  • This was a telephone visit and questions are not always easy to answer. My appointment was at 11:20 and Dr Gorski called at a little after 1. It is difficult, I’m sure , to handle a large number of cases.

  • All were informative and thoroughly answered my questions.

  • There is never a problem. Everyone is so kind and caring. Anything you don't feel comfortable about is always reassured.I never feel uncomfortable talking to anyone especially my Dr. There is nothing to change as far as my visits are concerned. I appreciate everyone that works there. Thank you

  • I love the nurses and doctors and staff they always take good care of me.

  • She really listened to my concerns and what I was looking for in terms of treatment and took the time to review my diagnostic reports so she knew what was I feeling wasn’t minor. I felt validated because I’ve had this low back pain for so darn long.

  • They were very polite and they answered all my questions. That's all. Thank you.

  • New Medicare TeleHealth was implemented great by SouthCoast. Doctor was excellent and staff provided just great pre-physician call info. 12 Stars on a 10 star scale.

  • I believe you all are Doing everything in your God given power to protect all of us from this pandemic covid-19 ,I am lucky to have an amazing medical care team

  • Everyone was very helpful.They were all very kind to me and listened to me.

  • There is nothing to improve they do a wonderful job at DES office

  • In this time of unknowing, mystery and chaos the doctor and her team were most calming. They LISTENED!

  • I know how busy Dr. Gorski is and how large her case load is but she always takes the time to listen and is genuine both her and [Name] are compassionate and thorough I have recommended them both to any of my customers who come into my work and are being referred to a pain clinic

  • Staff is always wonerful to deal with .

  • Everyone was outstanding

  • Doctor Gorski and her nurse [Name] are both great to talk to. I feel like we are all on the same page. We are getting my medications down and The Doctor is helping me to achieve this goal.Thanks to this Doctor and nurse I will achieve this goal.

  • it was all good fast courteous .

  • Wait time was very minimal. All staff were friendly and professional.

  • Somebody gave me something that's good for the pain. At least I've got no pain.

  • My doctor left the practice and I was quite nervous with a new provider who was unaware of my extensive background. But she had read my file and was up to date on things! Dr. Gorski also listened to problems I experienced with a new medication given by my old doctor. She prescribed something new to help me. She is an active listener and she heard me. For that, I am grateful. Finally, she understood that, since I couldn't see my old doctor, there was no reason to go to Wareham from Warren, RI. She offered to see me in Fall River! That location is very accessible and, based on the positive experience, I agreed to continue to see her. I liked her very much.

  • Have been treated before with medication management years before I have been to this facility and have been treated with the upmost respectful doctor by the name of dr Gorski she is a outstanding physician I am a patient with extremely intense anxiety and I have digenrtitive disk disease and my back is broken across my lower back diagnosed by dr [Name] [Name] that wrote reports saying where my back is broken and cannot be fixed with any injections that to get any quality of life back I needed the medications that dr gorski has provided . She’s an outstandingly amazing doctor who cares about me as a patient and my general well being we have explored all options to help me have a better quality of life . She cares about me and that’s rare in doctors now a days she’s a 10 out of 10 the best there ever is I’ve tried taking less opioids to take less medications and she worked with me with different treatment options . How we can improve my experience would be to make me feel when I talk about needing medications it gets taken a little more seriously when I ask for something it’s only because I truly need it. We have tried taking less and will continue to take Iess the only form of improvement is the front office staff not being rude when I call to ask questions and when I talk about my medications I just don’t want to feel sad or scared to ask for what I need. But the bottom line is there is no better doctor I have ever met that is better than dr gorski she is the kindest and the best doctor southcoast has im lucky to her patient and she’s the only person that listens to me 10 stars

  • I appreciate my doctors because they seem to remember me well. They know my allergies without having to open my chart. They know me personally from being a member for so long with that particular doctor and I trust them with my life. So, I like the fact that they know me that well and know what I react to, what I don't react to, what medicines work for me, what doesn't work for me, how much pain I'm in, how sick I am, when I'm not sick, when I'm feeling better. They know everything and I trust my doctor.

  • Listened carefully to any concerns and felt that they answered any questions that I had patiently and thoroughly

  • I had been Dr. [Name] patient for many, many years and Dr. Gorski today made me feel at ease comfortable. She was pleasant. She answered what I needed to here, and she was very, very good, and I'm more than happy to continue seeing her. So thank you, I'm sorry Dr. [Name] gone because he was at 10, but thank you anyway.

  • It was clean quick and organized

  • Dr Gorski was a Godsend!! So knowledgable & helpful. My 1st visit with her & will continue using her.

  • Dr Gorski is the best physician there is she listens and is very compassionate, caring, and truly digs deep to help you. She has helped me learn to cope and believe in myself and no matter what the problem is she always listens. I appreciate her very much, many doctors can learn from her.

  • Dr gorski is an awesome specialist. Her staff is very professional and courteous.

  • The office is highly efficient about getting you checked in quickly getting you seen quickly all of the staff know what to do and they're very organized and your appointments always goes smoothly and if you have any questions or answers and we really appreciate that. It was a very rare that you see the sort of thing in offices in and we're very thrilled to have the opportunity to have this but doctor and the in their staff.

  • Very pleased with the surgery center the nurses the Dr's and staff friendly,curtious..

  • Hi, I had a actually a very great experience. The doctor that talks to you, she listens she goes over and Beyond she looks that paperwork that I brought in. She's trying to help me out with my paperwork. She's an A plus, which is excellent the staff also excellent they treat you very nice. They're very professional people I give the place an A plus, than you.

  • I feel very well working with Dr. Gorski. She definitely seems to want to help me!! I’m very grateful for her advice and care.

  • It took 45 minutes to be seen

  • Everyone is helpful and quite professional

  • They did everything as expected. The wait time was long but that is to be expected with medical appointments. As I am disabled in part with writing I need help filling out readable forms. I am finding less and less staff willing to assist me in that area.

  • Hi Allison Gorski was very informative on what she would like to do to further help my mother with her pain management and we were extremely happy with it..

  • The time spent waiting is always horrible. And sometimes the provider doesn’t spend a lot of time with you- it feels rushed because she has a lot of patients. But overall she is a great doctor and knows her stuff. I would definitely recommend her to others.

  • From the front desk(s), to the back desk(s), EVERY employee is EXTREMELY helpful and caring. Dr Gorski, Dr [Name] [Name] and the rest of the doctors (team) are caring and truly try to do the best they can to figure out the best plan of action to combat pain and other symptoms that are related to chronic pain. Also, the receptionists/nurses do a great job with communication to their patient(s) and other doctors and any office work that needs to be done for any patients needs. They go above and beyond. Truly a great team of employees.

  • I don't think there was anything that you could've done better. Customer service was excellent. The doctor's bed side manner was superb. her... receptionist with attentive, and accurate, and they understood and asked me how I wanted to pay for my visit, and did I want to be billed and, I mean they just go beyond the call of duty. This is an... excellent facility, and I would recommend Dr. Gorski to anyone who is in pain and needs someone who understands. Thank you very much. I enjoyed my visit.

  • Dr. Gorski understood my predicament, made sure that I had the proper medication, and was taking it in the right methodology. Very good doctor.

  • I was waiting in the exam room for over 50 minutes before calling the front desk. Someone let me know that my doctor was held up with an urgent consult, which is fine because things happen that are no one's fault, but it would have been nice to be kept in the loop during this time.

  • She's very a good doctor. I recommend for my family and my friends.

  • Dr.Gorsky is the best most trusted doctor i have ever known..thanks to her brilliance i can walk again.God bless her

  • She is an A 1 doctor.

  • I am Allison Gorski patient. I have been her patient since all of about 10 years. She has taken wonderful care of me. She is kind. She's considerate, she listens to me when I tell her what, what you know what I'm feeling. I get feedback from her. My name is [Name] [Name] My phone number is {}. I live in Rhode Island I drive down to see her in Dartmouth and in Fall [Name] and if you have any questions any further questions about Dr. Gorski, I'd be more than glad to say how wonderful I think that she is and how wonderful she's been to me.

  • I have been seeing Dr.Gorski over 20 years and wouldnt change doctors ever

  • So happy to be back with my doctor at Southcoast. She listens, she is knowledgeable and understanding and works with me on a plan of treatment to help me get better.

  • Great experience again

  • (Dr Gorski's) The best doctor I've had to date.. Truly listens to you and cares about treating the problem at hand. She is truly irreplaceable!

  • I am pleased with the professional statis of every one in the office. I also like the privacy at the office. Overall I feel comfortable when I have to see my Doctor or her PA. Thanks

  • I can't say enough good things about the care I usually get at Dr. Gorski's office. Everyone is kind and professional. They do their best to make you feel comfortable and important.

  • Hi, I believe Allison Goski is an excellent doctor. I would recommend her to anybody. She's done wonders for me. Thank you.

  • Dr. Gorski is excellent. She listens well and shows genuine concern for me at every visit.

  • Nothing needs improvement

  • I am always treated well and everyone is very nice. The dr listened to my concerns on different matters.

  • Sincere concern to aleve chronic pain. Thankyou Thankyou.

  • Dr. Gorski is an excellent provider in every aspect.

  • They always treat me well at my appointments. I hope they never change. Thank you.

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Southcoast Health physician profiles now feature star ratings.  Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions about our process for calculating the ratings.

Why does Southcoast publish survey ratings online?
Southcoast is dedicated to providing patients and consumers with helpful information about the quality of our patients’ experiences. Star ratings published on our physician biography pages are based on actual responses from patients of that particular physician to patient satisfaction surveys that are distributed and processed by a national patient satisfaction survey vendor.

Who receives the survey?
Our vendor sends surveys via SMS or email to all patients seen in our outpatient physician practices who have a valid smart phone number or email address on file with Southcoast Health. Surveys are sent to patients within a few days of their appointment.

How is the Patient Satisfaction Star Rating Calculated?
Star ratings are calculated using an average of all survey responses to each of three questions: Helpfulness of Clerks & Receptionists, Provider Overall Rating, and  Willingness to Recommend Provider’s Office.  The star rating displayed on our physicians’ main biography page represents the average of the three measures for that particular physician.