Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Cisly Thomas

Cisly Thomas has had a remarkable thirty-year career in nursing, seventeen of which she spent serving the South Coast community.

As Nurse Manager at St. Luke’s Hospital on the Crapo and Knowles units, she ensures the delivery of exceptional care to patients while overseeing a compassionate and skilled team of nurses.

This May, as we recognize Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, please join us in celebrating Cisly’s commitment to service and cultural diversity. Her proficiency in multiple languages makes her an invaluable asset to our healthcare system and the community.

Originally from Bhopal, India, Cisly was strongly influenced by her parents, who were school teachers and instilled in her the values of “giving her best and dreaming big.” Her dedication to nursing led her on a journey across borders, including a decade-long experience in Kuwait, where she served the community during the Iraq War. “I learned a great deal about their culture, their perseverance, and their determination to succeed,” says Cisly. Her firsthand experiences emphasized the importance of understanding and compassion for true peace.

In 2006, Cisly and her family immigrated to the United States, where she began working as a nurse at Southcoast Health. “I was welcomed with warmth and love by all my peers at Southcoast. I never felt away from home, and St. Luke’s has become my home since,” Cisly shares. Recognizing the challenges faced by immigrant families, Cisly and her family have made it their mission to support others in transitioning to the new culture, fostering a sense of belonging within the South Coast community.

As a part of the Southcoast family, Cisly embodies the organization’s commitment to the community. She provides exceptional care and support to patients and their families, leveraging her fluency in English, Hindi, Arabic, and Malayalam to ensure effective communication and create a welcoming environment for all.

Reflecting on her upbringing, Cisly holds dear the memories of celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, “Growing up, I looked forward to celebrating Diwali with my community. I loved family gatherings, meeting people of different religions and exchanging greetings,” she adds. Even in the States, Cisly continues to honor and celebrate Diwali, preserving cherished traditions.

As an Asian Indian immigrant, Cisly understands and appreciates the rich heritage and contributions of her community in the United States. With a history of immigration dating back to the 1820s, Asian Indians have become one of the largest immigrant groups, leaving their mark in various aspects of American society, including politics. Cisly values “the importance of education and family” within the Asian Indian culture, recognizing family as the cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

Cisly serves as an inspiration, both as a Nurse Manager and as a beacon of cultural understanding and inclusion. She exemplifies the spirit of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, highlighting the valuable contributions of the Asian Indian community within the healthcare system.

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