Southcoast Health Honored for Digital Excellence through the 2023 Digital Health Most Wired Survey

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), has released their coveted Digital Health Most Wired Survey results for the 2023 data collection period.

Southcoast Health is proud to announce a Level 9 achievement for both the acute (hospital) and ambulatory setting survey selections.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Most Wired Survey for the fifth year in a row,” said Jim Feen, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Southcoast Health. “Leading the rankings in our state for acute and ambulatory care is a clear demonstration of the amazing work our team does. I want to congratulate and thank our clinical and business partners, along with our digital health services team for their ongoing dedication to innovation and embracing the constantly evolving landscape in healthcare technology.”

Among the more than 55,000 facilities represented, Southcoast Health ranked above peers in categories such as analytics and data management, population health, infrastructure, and patient engagement. The survey assessed the adoption, integration and impact of technologies in health care organizations at all stages of development, from early development to industry leading.

Only 20 organizations worldwide earned the highest achievement of Level 10 for acute care, and only 18 earned a Level 10 ranking for ambulatory care. Among the Level 9 recipients in both categories, Southcoast Health is the only health system in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to be recognized at this level.

“We are proud to recognize your organization’s exceptional dedication to digital health excellence,” said CHIME President and CEO Russell P. Branzell. “Your pioneering performance in the industry not only inspires other organizations by example, but also provides patients around the world with better care.”

Amid escalating challenges posed by growing cybersecurity threats, evolving care models, staffing shortages, and budget constraints, the call for revolutionizing healthcare through technology is moving forward at a rapid pace. The future of health and care that experts predict over the next 30 years will be dramatically different from what we have now.

“Just as medicine is ever evolving, so is the technology we use to treat and care for our patients,” added Feen. “I’m extremely proud of the incredible strides Southcoast has made to utilize cutting edge technology to help make care more accessible and convenient, while harnessing the power of emerging technologies such as AI to help our clinicians prioritize things like imaging results, we will continue to make these investments to improve our patient experience and quality of care. Continuing to advance these capabilities, while keeping patient privacy and information security as priority ‘A1’, will further connect our patients with Southcoast providers allowing them to play a more active role in their care.”

The Digital Health Most Wired survey and recognition program serves as a comprehensive “Digital Health Check-up” for healthcare organizations across the world. As success in digital health increasingly determines the quality of patient care, the scope of the CHIME Digital Health Most Wired survey reflects the progress of leading healthcare providers as they reinvent healthcare for a new century.

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