Celebrating 25 Years of People Who Care: Meet Teresa Allen-Richard

Annual Fund donor Teresa Allen-Richard is an RN Case Coordinator for Southcoast Health. Notably, she has been a dedicated Southcoast employee of 23 years! Teresa began her career at Southcoast in 1998, working in the Tobey Hospital Emergency Department (ED).

After a 20-year tenure in the ED, Teresa aspired to explore new Southcoast areas. Expanding her interests and skills, she has worked in Tobey’s post-anesthesia care unit for several years and has since transitioned to case management at St. Luke’s Hospital.

“I work here because I feel like I can help my neighbors and friends,” Teresa says. “The community deserves the best care, and that’s what we are committed to providing here.”

Teresa shares that there is quite a bit of technical work and problem-solving involved in case management, and she still gets to do what she loves most – delivering personalized care.

“In this role, you are really working very closely with a very vulnerable population. And trying to help them get through the roadblocks to finding them the care they need,” Teresa says. “It is an amazing moment when you realize you’ve helped find them a safe place gave their family a sense of relief.”

Over the years, Teresa has enjoyed collaborating with her colleagues in a team atmosphere to achieve a shared goal. Southcoast’s mission to provide the best care has instilled in her the importance of giving back.

“This is my community. Giving to the Annual Fund is my way of showing that I am proud of that,” Teresa says.

Southcoast recognizes and appreciates Teresa for her exceptional contributions to our South Coast community and for truly believing and demonstrating that together, we are so much More.