Celebrating 25 Years of People Who Care: Meet Nurse Sue Gillis

If you’ve visited the operating room at Tobey Hospital over the past 23 years – chances are you’ve met Resource Nurse Sue Gillis, an Annual Fund donor! From coordinating patient arrivals to lending a hand in the operating room, and so much more. Sue is an exceptional member of our Southcoast team who cares deeply for her colleagues and the patients she serves daily.

Sue started her nursing career working in Labor and Delivery at St. Luke’s Hospital in the 1980s. “My mother was an aide at St. Luke’s for many years,” she says. “That’s where I began my career.”

If you were to take a walk with Sue down the halls of the Operating Room Unit, you’d quickly realize just how much joy and passion she brings to her profession. For Sue, it is all about the people she cares for and the strong sense of community that Southcoast offers.

“We have an awesome physician and anesthesia team here. So many members of our team have been working together for well over 15 years,” Sue says. “We are a well-oiled machine. There is so much collaboration – I just love to be a part of it all!”

Sue shares her belief in giving back through the Annual Fund for the past 18 years. “I strongly believe in giving back. Southcoast has always taken care of my friends, my family and me.” she says. “In a lot of ways, the people here, we are like a family!”

The Southcoast Health family is forever thankful for Sue and the exceptional care she provides to her patients and their families.