Celebrating National Case Management Week

Case Management – Department Recognition

October 10-16, 2021, is National Case Management Week. During this special week, Southcoast Health acknowledges and celebrates our case management and transition of care teams – bringing awareness and recognition to those who make a difference in the lives of our patients and easing their journey of care. 

Patients typically journey through various healthcare checkpoints, tests, staff interactions, and even paperwork when they enter our Southcoast hospitals. For many patients, this can be overwhelming, especially when not feeling their best. 

Case managers are an essential part of our Southcoast Health System

Case managers are an essential part of our Southcoast Health System. With a mission to support and advocate for the patient, they act as the direct line of communication between patients and the healthcare professionals who will treat them. They often take complex healthcare processes and make them easier to understand, putting the patient at ease. 

Case managers are also involved with a patient’s discharge and recovery, ensuring that the process is comprehensive, individualized, and completed promptly. 

Case managers stepped up to the frontlines during COVID-19

With a long list of essential responsibilities, case managers play a critical role in Southcoast’s promise: Exceptional Care from People Who Care. Amid their crucial role, case managers stepped up to the frontlines during the global pandemic, COVID-19

“During the pandemic, the need to move patients out of the hospital was met with many barriers. Nursing facilities that provide short-term rehab services and long-term care were hit with severe staffing shortages, causing patients to wait in the hospital for longer periods or enter facilities far from their families,” said Lynne Maynard, RN, Case Coordinator, Charlton Memorial Hospital. “We shared many difficult conversations with the families and provided vital empathetic support.” 

The Southcoast Health case management team has remained resolute

While COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought challenges in the case management profession, the Southcoast Health case management team has remained resolute. 

“I am fortunate to work with a great team. Because we work so closely, we can provide continuity of care to all patients,” said Bernadette Maclellan, RN, Case Coordinator, Tobey Hospital. “I feel I can always rely on my coworkers and management for help and support.” 

Southcoast Health is grateful for all our dedicated case management professionals working to advocate for our patients every day. The significant contributions of our case managers impact our ability to provide the best patient care possible, positively affecting the patient experience while promoting best practices and cost-effective outcomes.