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At Southcoast Health, we nurture the wellbeing of our dedicated employees as passionately as we nurture the wellbeing of our community. The benefits plans, wellness offerings and savings programs Southcoast offers are our way of showing our appreciation for our employees, and our support for their optimal health and wellbeing in all areas of their lives.

Southcoast ensures that wellbeing resources and programs are easily accessible at any time and available at zero (or very low) cost to employees. These offerings are designed to help educate, motivate and empower all employees and their families to make healthy lifestyle choices and improve their overall physical and mental health.

Some of Southcoast’s employee wellbeing offerings include:

  • Care Management Programs
  • Choose Healthy Cafeteria Options
  • Confidential Counseling Resources
  • Diabetes Prevention and Management Programs
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Fitness Membership Reimbursement
  • Interactive Health and Wellbeing Platform
  • Monthly Wellbeing Webinars
  • Nutrition Services and Counseling
  • Peer-to-Peer Counseling
  • Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Weekly Wellbeing Fitness Class
  • Weight Management Programs

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Southcoast Health offers our employees wellbeing resources and programs in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.