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Transfer Opportunities in MA & RI at Southcoast Health

We put faith and trust in the ability of our employees at Southcoast Health. When a position becomes available at one of our sites, internal employees have the opportunity to apply for a transfer before external candidates are considered. A work transfer is another way we help provide career opportunities and advancement for our employees in southeastern MA and RI.

Advantages of a Transfer

There are many benefits to transferring within the health system, including:

  • Potentially acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • Possibility of a different job with new responsibilities and tasks
  • New career challenges or a chance to expand accomplishments
  • Impact and potentially influence different parts of the organization
  • Opportunity to prepare for a promotion or an expanded role in the organization
  • Obtain visibility with new coworkers and managers
  • Retention of salary, benefits and company perks (as opposed to possible disruptions from changing jobs with an outside organization)

If you’re looking for a job transfer within Southcoast Health, explore our internal job postings to find an employee transfer opportunity in MA or RI that’s right for you.