Celebrating Black History Month: Haywood Barnes III

Celebrating Black History Month

With a passion for serving his community, Haywood Barnes III has been volunteering with the mental health population since he was in high school.

These days, he applies this passion to his jobs. As a Community Health worker with the Behavioral Health Team at Southcoast Health and a Recovery Coach with the New Bedford Police Department. At work, Haywood helps clients and patients suffering from various mental health and substance use disorders. His team works to connect them with the best resources to meet their needs on the path to recovery.

Haywood comes from a very diverse family. He believes that true understanding comes from finding common ground and lived experiences with others. As a person of color, he sees the significance of Black History Month as an opportunity to learn more about people of color and their contribution to American History.

Racial Injustice: An Ongoing Problem

Racial Injustice is an ongoing problem in the United States and around the world. “I am not sure what the future holds for racial justice. This is a very critical time in our country,” Haywood says. “The world is watching what we do next, and no matter where we stand politically, we have to find a way to unify our country and world.”

Reflecting on the problem, Haywood shares his belief that division starts in the heart. When people harden their hearts to others based on skin color and culture, they forget all people deserve appreciation, love, and respect.

Above all, Haywood remains rooted in his community serving as a Worship Leader at his church. In this role, he finds motivation in helping others. He enjoys all of the music that brings the congregation together to celebrate their faith.

Making an Impact

To sum up, Haywood strives to make a positive impact in his community and enjoys that he can do this through work. In the future, he wants to keep supporting others by continuing his work in community health care. He hopes to grow in his profession by reaching new goals, such as being involved in social work. Always trying to put others first, wherever Haywood’s path leads him, unity and compassion will be his compass.

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