Celebrating a Southcoast nurse, mom, and generations of More than medicine

Grateful Patient Story: Heidi Baptiste

Heidi Baptiste is a Patient Access Specialist with Southcoast Physicians Group, but first and foremost, she is the daughter of Carole Baptiste.

Leading up to Mother’s Day — a time to honor maternal bonds, the joys and sacrifices of motherhood, and the major role of moms in our lives — Heidi graciously donated to Southcoast Heath in loving memory of Carole, showing her gratitude for the skillful and compassionate care her mom received during her final days.

Carole Baptiste was a driven and dedicated RN here for over 47 years. The mark she made during her service endures today … from her pioneering work with AIDS patients in the early 1980s to creating internal protocols for rabies, as well as emergency provider referral processes.

When Carole contracted COVID-19 in 2021, she was admitted to St. Luke’s, the very hospital where she made such a positive impact over the course of her career. The virus took her life despite her care team’s exhaustive efforts to help her recover.

Heidi found solace in the opportunity to make a donation to honor both her mother and her mother’s providers, specifically Dr. Manoj Gupta and Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Judith Catalan, who made all the difference amid the very difficult circumstances.

“The care given by the Century 4 and Wilks units, especially Dr. Gupta and Judith Catalan, was exemplary,” said Heidi in reflecting on her mother’s experience. “My mom was devoted to nursing and the patients she served. She especially loved bedside nursing and enjoyed teaching new nurses up until the end. One of my mom’s nurses told me that my mom was giving her advice as she was receiving the care. She was a natural born nurse.”

Southcoast Health’s Grateful Patient Program accepted Heidi’s donation at St. Luke’s during the start of National Nurses Week 2022, with Dr. Gupta and Judith in attendance. Carole was there, too, in spirit: as the subject of the reunited group’s conversation … and in a beautiful framed portrait, beaming in her nurse’s uniform, that Heidi brought along for the occasion.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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