Southcoast Health selling T-shirts to support the Sgt. Sean M. Gannon Memorial Playground

New Bedford, Mass. – Southcoast Health is selling limited-edition T-shirts to help raise funds for the construction of the Sgt. Sean M. Gannon Memorial Playground located at the Campbell Elementary School in New Bedford.

Net proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts will be donated to support the construction of the Sgt. Sean M. Gannon Memorial Playground at Campbell Elementary School. Southcoast Health sponsored the design and production of the T-shirts, working in partnership with the Sgt. Gannon Memorial Playground Committee at Campbell School.

A member of the K-9 unit of the Yarmouth Police Department, Sgt. Sean M. Gannon, was shot and killed in the line of duty on April 12. His dog, Nero, was also shot but survived his injuries.

“Employees at Southcoast Health were deeply affected by the tragic death of Sgt. Gannon, whose parents both work for the organization,” said Keith A. Hovan, President & CEO of Southcoast Health.
“We wanted to pay lasting tribute to Sgt. Gannon, and this project is just one opportunity to do so while fulfilling our mission of promoting health and wellness within our community.

“Playgrounds encourage healthy, safe play and enhance our community, all of which we stand for as our community’s healthcare system,” he said.

Sgt. Gannon grew up in New Bedford and often played on the Campbell Schools grounds.

“We are very excited to partner with Southcoast Health. We feel that in order to encourage our youth to stay active and healthy, we need to make sure that we give them the tools and creative spaces to do so,” said Carla Mourao, chairperson of the Sgt. Sean M. Gannon Memorial Playground Committee. “The support that Southcoast Health is providing to help build this special playground will allow us to keep our youngest citizens physically active, engaged in their community and healthy. This playground will continue Sgt. Gannon’s lasting legacy of serving others and improving our community.”

The Sgt. Gannon Memorial Playground Committee is made up of parents, teachers and community members. The school is located at 145 Essex St., New Bedford.
T-shirts are available for purchase at the Southcoast More Store and sell for $25, shipping is included. They come in male, female and youth styles and sizes.