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Urgent Care

Southcoast Health is committed to providing quick and convenient online access to your personal healthcare information, including shared notes, medical records, and more.

When you have an appointment with your provider, they make a record of the visit. This is called an ‘after visit summary note.’ The note includes information you shared during the visit and your provider’s thoughts about your diagnosis, treatment, and test results. 

Patients have online access to share notes

Now patients have online access to shared notes your provider writes after an appointment or discussion. Results and notes will be available in your MyChart patient portal – your secure, confidential electronic health records system.  

Helping us provide patient-centered care

Very often, patients remember less than half of what they discuss with their provider. To make sure you don’t miss important information, sharing notes allows you to review your visit’s details at any time. Above all, sharing notes helps you make sure that you and your health care team are always on the same page.

Patients who read their notes:

  • Remember what was discussed with your provider.
  • Feel empowered to make health care decisions
  • Partner with your provider for better care
  • Ask the right questions about your care. 
  • Make sure your information is accurate, so your care is safer.
  • Share your information with a loved one or anyone you choose. 

Get the most out of reading your notes

  • Read the note after the visit to remind you what was discussed such as changes in your medication, testing, appointments, or requested referrals.
  • Review the note between visits to make sure you’re on track with recommended follow-up.
  • Consider sharing your note with a trusted caregiver or family member to help you carry out the plan.
  • Revisit the note before your next visit to help you prepare and identify concerns that may have come up since your last visit.

Clinical review process

We ask that you allow your care team the appropriate amount of time to review and interpret your results. Upon clinical review, they will communicate with you either through MyChart, phone call, or at your next scheduled appointment.

Looking for clarity – understanding your notes 

We understand you may have questions about your notes and test results. Below is a list of resources to help you better understand shared notes.