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Southcoast Vascular Testing Center: Diagnosing Vascular Disease in Dartmouth, MA

Led by Southcoast Health’s experienced team of vascular specialists, the Southcoast Vascular Testing Center is equipped with the most advanced technology used to diagnose vascular disease in Dartmouth, MA. Dedicated to providing effective diagnoses for issues related to the heart and circulatory system, we strive to quickly and accurately diagnose vascular health problems through the following diagnostic tests in Dartmouth:

  • Extracranial cerebrovascular testing
  • Peripheral arterial physiologic testing
  • Peripheral arterial duplex ultrasound
  • Venous duplex ultrasound
  • Visceral vascular duplex ultrasound
  • Dialysis testing

Get the vascular testing you need to rule out serious issues and prevent heart attacks and other cardiac conditions by calling Southcoast Vascular Testing Center today at (508) ­973-­2213.

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