Celebrating Father’s Day at Southcoast Health

Father-daughter duo Hannah and Ken Eugenio’s roots run deep at Southcoast Health. Their family connection goes as far back as Ken’s grandparents, who both worked as housekeepers at St. Luke’s Hospital. It’s also where both Hannah and her dad were born, where their family receives care, and of course, it’s where both can be found working behind the scenes and on the frontlines.

Ken’s journey began in 2001, working as a part of our pharmacy team. Today, he manages operations at Southcoast Health Network. “I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend the past 23 years working for Southcoast in a variety of roles with such great colleagues,” he says.

Hannah works as a Registered Nurse in the St. Luke’s Intensive Care Unit, and she loves that 20-plus years later she gets to join her dad. “It has been a joy to be part of the legacy that he has created with his time in the Southcoast Health family, and become immersed in the More than medicine culture,” she says.

But Hannah has never been a stranger to Southcoast. She has fond memories of visiting her dad many times while he was on his break during his time working at the pharmacy. It’s where Hannah and her sister would often come to visit the cafeteria for some soft-serve ice cream, and where she thought of her dad as a Southcoast Health Celebrity.

“I began working here as a CNA the summer after high school,” she says. “Although there was no longer an ice cream machine, I had the privilege of driving in with my dad. Every morning we would walk into the hospital together and everyone would walk past and smile and say, ‘Hi Ken!’ and he would say ‘Hi!’ right back. Watching his interactions inspired me to make it a goal of mine to genuinely know and care about the people I work with.”

They both share a love for the arts and have a shared passion for the same music. “Some of my favorite memories are going to concerts together. I grew up listening to the good stuff…thanks dad,” added Hannah.

And beyond their shared playlists, they both find joy and fulfillment working here at Southcoast Health, making a difference in people’s lives, every day.

“Throughout my career, I always try to practice and encourage the loved one principle, meaning treat each patient as you’d treat your own loved ones,” says Ken. “Working at Southcoast has made the adoption of that philosophy more literal and not just figurative.”

Being a member of the community where they work has allowed them to have a different perspective on the care they provide.

“Working in our community is special because your patient could be your barber or your neighbor’s family member,” adds Hannah. “Working at Southcoast Health makes me proud. I live in the South Coast area, and I have seen the impact a hospitalization can have on a person and their family. Showing kindness and compassion, can make all the difference in a patient’s experience and outcome.”

When asked if he had any fatherly advice, Ken says, “In work and life…be present and engaged; be patient and persistent; be kind and caring; appreciate what you have, but don’t settle; have fun and learn a lot; and always try to make life a little bit better for those around you.”

“It’s such a special opportunity to work with family to carry out the Southcoast mission. Hannah is an amazing daughter…young woman…and nurse! She takes after her mother and exudes kindness, compassion, intelligence and positivity. I know how fortunate the patients and staff at St. Luke’s Hospital are to have her.”

Today, please join us in celebrating the fathers and father figures who have played pivotal roles in our lives and wishing them all a Happy Father’s Day!