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Suzelle Luc, MD, MPH

4.8 out of 5 (487 Ratings)



About Suzelle Luc

Born and raised in Boston, Dr. Luc is a graduate of Tufts University, where she completed her BS in biology, master’s of public health and medical degree. She completed an internship and residency in internal medicine, as well as a residency in primary care, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. She returned to Tufts to complete a fellowship in rheumatology, after which she began to practice in Dartmouth where she has been since.

Dr. Luc is board certified in rheumatology and internal medicine.  She is also a certified clinical densitometrist.

Dr. Luc enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and her dog, Sadie.

Suzelle speaks French


Suzelle practices at the following locations:

Southcoast Physicians Group Rheumatology

206 Mill Road
Fairhaven, MA 02719

P: 508-973-9070

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Patient Comments (94)

At Southcoast Health, we strive to deliver exceptional patient care along with an exceptional patient experience. We appreciate all of your feedback and share your comments to recognize the wonderful care our teams provide to you as well as identify areas for improvement.

  • I like the treatment the doctor gives me, she is very kind and very helpful, thank you.

  • Questions seemed irrelevant for a telehealth appointment.

  • I always have a positive experience with this provider. Ty

  • Dr. Luc is always a good listener and takes as much time as she can despite her busy schedule

  • Dr. Luc is beyond wonderful on all levels.

  • Talking to Dr Luc was helpfulThe telehealth call was a good way to save me from driving over ma line. Still concerned about covid19.

  • Right on time!!

  • Dr. Luc is a FANTASTIC Dictor. I was in extreme pain with Arthritis and she found the cause right away. I normally never complain about arthritis pain, however, this particular time was excruciating. Dr.Luc knew exactly what the problem was and took care of it. Thank you, [Name] [Name] Sr..

  • I love Dr. Luc. She is professional and caring. She is concerned about my total health and not just her specialty. She takes her time with each patient and has a calming presence. She's awesome.

  • I appreciate the attention the provider gave me. Her kindness and understanding

  • The office workers are always helpful courteous and help me whenever I call for anything. Whether it's a refill for a new script or have any other questions.They always return my phone call asap.

  • My experience was exceptional as always with Dr. Luc and staff. Thank you

  • Dr. Luc is always wonderful, helpful, very thorough, and I appreciate being able to see her. The office staff is also extremely friendly and helpful.

  • Dr. Luc is a pleasure to deal with. She is informed about your condition, reviews your record and explains thins fully so you understand the problem and the treatment plan.Really enjoy seeing her in person

  • There is nothing to compare to in person visits. The doctor can see how you look.

  • Appt was on time

  • Dr Luc is very tentative to her patients and listens.

  • Dr Luc is very attentive and always takes her time but seems like she really cares. Her staff are usually very helpful!

  • Dr. Luc is wonderful. She's very thorough, a good listener. She was prepared for my virtual meeting and I had no problems at all with her. I would say 10, 10,10 all the way across. The only issue I had was I was told it was 11 o'clock, and when I called the office because I did not receive the call by 11:20. They they the secretary said to me your scheduled for 11:20, and she's running late. So I didn't get the call back until 11:30. That was the only negative experience of this virtual visit. Otherwise it was perfect. Thank you.

  • Very pleasant staff, I love my doctor and it’s always been a good visit when I go, especially now that they are in the new place in Fairhaven. I love it

  • Dr. Suzelle Luc and her office got back to me right away. I was contemplating surgery and I had seen a specialist but I wanted to know about my Arthritis and how that would be affected. She spent a good amount of time on a telehealth call explaining everything to me so that I am aware of what I can do for my disease and I appreciated that.

  • Office staff the tops ! As far as MD ! Dr Luc is not only knowledgeable, kind and caring. She is AWESOME! Southcoast Health lucked out she is a keeper !

  • I love Dr. Luc! She listens and takes immediate action on next steps like Blood work, x-rays etc. She and her staff are truly professional and really seem to care. I also felt very safe having my appointment during the COVID pandemic.

  • Dr Luc always listens to me and takes her time. Glad she is my doctor.

  • Dr. Luc was excellent as always. She listens to the issue I have and she explains everything. And she's up to date on all the problems I do have. And I only have the best rating for her at this time. As far as the telephone videos, that was good and that went well and it was good to be able to talk face to face rather than just a phone call.

  • Visit great

  • Everything from Soup To Nuts was perfect, I go to call about 2 hours prior to the visit scheduled time - maybe even 2 1/2. Office is very polite, made sure that I was all registered, and went over the process of the TeleHealth - which is actually the video health visit. VideoHealth went very smoothly, Dr. Luc is exceptional. She got test ordered from another with conversing with another provider, all of that scheduled and set up very promptly, and I can't say enough about how wonderful it has been to be a patient of Dr. Luc's and including her office staff. Okay. Thank you.

  • The office staff and Dr Luc are always friendly and really listen to any concerns I might have!!!!!!

  • I am always pleased to visit with Dr. Luc. She is professional, thorough and caring and listens to me and answers my question to my satisfaction. My on line visit was very convenient and efficient.

  • I felt comfortable going for this appointment, meaning that I was not going to be exposed to covid-19 as there were many steps put in place to prevent it.

  • Always taken care of..very comfortable with provider and the office.

  • Yeah, everything was great with my tele health appointment accept the doctor was about 20 to 25 minutes late.

  • Dr. Lucas was just excellent, and I can't say how much she helped me and I appreciate it, and she's so nice to straighten out my prescription, which I hadn't been getting and I've got it now, and she's going to see about maybe helping me with the pain in my feet, which I really don't think it's her responsibility, but I'll be surely very grateful for any help. She can get me give me so I can't say enough nice things about her.

  • I love Dr Luc but the office was disorganized. They had a different patient name and date of visit when they called to confirm appointment. Paperwork that apparently I needed prior to having specialized blood work was not with my visit summary do oncology had to run around trying to get it done.

  • Dr. suzelle Luc treats you as a person. I was glad to be there

  • Dr. Luc is a very positive encouraging person. She listens to everything, she gave me manageable information to understand, she spoke to me not as a doctor, but as a person it's been asked 3 or 4 times now, and she's just she's an excellent doctor and very caring to her patients, she listens thoroughly. I much appreciate her.

  • Dr Luc is knowledgeable, professional, and personable. She listens to your concerns she’s clear about the medical information that she’s giving you and she gives the best all inclusive care possible.She continues to monitor your health situation as well as look at possible alternatives to what may be causing your current condition. I feel that great is that I’m in good hands with this doctor

  • It was very hard to get through to your office... had to call several times to set up an appointment

  • Dr Luc is an excellent doctor. I plan on having a long relationship with her as we continue to address my chronic health condition. She is an asset to Southcoast.

  • I was very satisfied with my care overall keep up the great work

  • Everything and everyone was great.

  • Everything was very good but they should have people who speak Spanish as that would help with Hispanic patients.

  • My visit was handled promptly, professionally and with my safety in mind From the moment I entered the building.

  • From start to finish I was treated with real concern about my condition. Everyone deserves an A+.

  • Suzelle Luc's office is amazing. The office staff is warm kind and understanding, very helpful, the office moves very fast, but not too fast obviously and my doctor Dr. Luc she is very kind, very intelligent and very thorough, she takes her time with you even though she's very busy. She doesn't make you feel rushed.She makes you feel like you're the only person that she's addressing. I love going to that office. I don't like going to the doctors, but I love going to that office.

  • Dr. Luc is a knowledgable medical professional who carefully balances her medical expertise and her patient's wishes. She provides time to answer questions and provides helpful information regard my health.

  • Dr. Luc is always on time, never much of a delay. No need for improvement as this time.

  • They set up an appointment with Ortopedic for my Knee that needs replacement

  • Excellent video call with Dr. Luc.

  • Great experience with Dr. Luc!

  • Dr. Luc is a kind and considerate Dr. She makes me feel at ease right away and listens to every word I say. She also has never given up helping me. If one thing doesn't work she goes on to something else to ease my pain. I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful Dr taking care of me. I trust in her completely.

  • Everything was fine. Missed seeing her smile

  • This was a tele call visit. Very easy to manage. Very thorough comfortable,informative,and reassuring at this difficult time.

  • great job,stay safe

  • Really like DrLuc

  • Personal visit rather than telephone would be much appreciated.

  • I love the new space. Very clean and felt safe going to the office.

  • I always feel well cared for my caring and professional staff.

  • I'm very pleased with Dr. Luc. She was very nice, and prescribed me medication that I believe is actually helping me.

  • Dr Luc is a very compassionate physician. She takes the times to listen and cares about her patients.

  • Very concerned and asked me all about my health.

  • Getting in to see the provider is normally a 4 to 6 month wait, even when you are an active patient or client and have ongoing progressive diseases so waiting 6 months to have your needs addressed is not the most ideal when someone suffering in pain they needs to be seen they needs to be I've been told the 2 year. This is going to be other people in the Rheumatology department and it's been this way for 2 years. So my 3 month appointment it's now 5 1/2 months out. So if there's a way to get that so that it's not such a big deal. That would be great. Thanks.

  • Dr Luc is the best!

  • Saved me the 30-40 minute wait we usually have in going to the office. I was called just before my scheduled time, given the option of a face time visit which I declined, Dr. Luc took the time to check my records and history, and my visit ended on a positive note.

  • Dr luc is the best!!

  • She was great. She knew my history. She explained a lot of stuff the staff at the front desk was great. No problems. The only bad thing was was that it was supposed to be at a certain time, and it was backed to like behind, but that's okay. She's great. I like her and that's about it. So I'm going to give her a 10 for everything. Okay. Bye.

  • This was a Telemonitor visit on the phone, and it went well. Thank you.

  • First telehealth visit for Dr. Luc and me. It’s not easy to do a rheumatology exam without being able to palpate, I’d imagine, but we had as normal a visit as possible under the circumstances.

  • Everything was great. Helpful courtesy staff

  • The provider is absolutely excellent, very knowledgeable, a pleasure to speak with remembers you as a patient is is extremely intelligent in her field and the tele health worked out extremely well. Thank you very much,

  • Dr. Luc, I always look forward to seeing her always she is just my favorite doctor and she's wonderful. She's very very smart and I'm always happy with what she has to say and I was looking forward to it and I enjoyed it very much except that I missed my big hug at the end.

  • Dr. Luc is an exceptional physician in her field. Always feel very comfortable talking to her. Very knowledgeable and also very human. I thank God I found her thru a friend.

  • Dr. Luc has always listened and treated my concerns as hers and as usual responded with a probable remedy.

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Luc for about 3-4 years maybe more. She is to me an amazing doctor, you can see how truly she cares for her patients, her knowledge is amazing to me, her kindness is even more beautiful. As small as this may sound just her [Name] into the room with a smile saying my name asking me how I am makes my day. I highly recommend her to everyone. I absolutely love her as my rheumatologist I pray I never need to change her from being my doctor due to my insurance change coming soon. Thank you Dr. Luc and staff [Name] incredible medical assistant and [Name] receptionist) All 3 of these ladies deserve to be recognized for their [Name] and their personalities. Did I mention today's visit (3/27/20) was a telephonic visit and both [Name] and [Name] walked me through registration and then vitals, then Dr. Luc was her amazing self caring, addressing ALL my concerns and [Name] Southcoast really should be very proud to have Dr. Luc.Thank you

  • Given the current situation with the coronavirus. I was very very pleased to hear that my appointment with Dr. Luc was going to continue to be scheduled at the scheduled time that I had originally had it for. I was also very pleased at how her staff handled patching through to Dr. Luc and the fact that Dr. Luc had access to my medical records...  we were able to cover everything that we needed to cover and she was able to respond to my concerns, not just about my current condition with rheumatoid arthritis, but also how it interact with the current covid-19 situation. So I was very very satisfied and I wish that you guys had 10 times more the amount of rheumatologist that were the exact same quality*

  • Set up appt and f/u to schedule next appt

  • The telephone conference with Dr Luz was extremely satisfyingThank you

  • Thank you for your service looking forward to seeing you again at your office instead of my tele-apointment. Wishing for a miracle for all coronavirus patients. Thank you 

  • The doctor is very friendly and explains what she believes is going on with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. She prescribed medication and explained how I will need to use it. She then sent me for bloodwork to make sure the medication will not be a problem for me. Excellent provider

  • I love Dr Luc. She is very thorough and doesn't just medicate, she wants answers as to why you are having issues. She is awesome and I am so glad I have her as part of my medical team

  • Dr. Luc's staff are very pleasant, and Dr.Luc is an excellent doctor. She has great bed side manners, and always seems to care & listen to my concerns.

  • Dr. Luc is always listening and comes up with ideas and solutions that help me put the symptoms together for better understanding of what to do for better health.

  • Front desk is awesome and always has a smile. Dr. Luc's medical assistant really took her time with me to make sure my medical record was up to date. Dr. Luc really listens to my concerns and tries her best to control my RA. It has been 12 years that I have been trying to figure out what was going on with me and it was only Dr. Luc that took the time to do all the tests to be able to help. I love this office and I recommend her to everyone!

  • My appointment to the rehab. place could have been made sooner. I resolved my problem before the appointment. Otherwise all else was satisfactory.

  • My first visit was great! Dr. Luc is so friendly, knowledgeable, thorough and helpful!

  • Excellent care provider, addressed all concerns, medications, always prompt and remembers all your past medical history.

  • I've been seeing Dr. Luc for a while now. She is a very good doctors. She listened. She tells you facts simply to understand them. So she's a wonderful doctor.

  • Dr. Luc is an outstanding physician. She is kind, considerate and compassionate.

  • well satisfied

  • Dr. Luc is very intelligent re: my conditions. We reviewed them all together as well as what meds are appropriate for me. She is also personable which makes my visit less stressful. The new office is so calming, lovely and functional. Initially I felt as if I were in a hotel. The signage is user friendly. From the greeter at main entrance to all others, this Southcoast facility is exceptional. Love the café and gift shop too.

  •  I love to come see Suzelle she's very very nice. She has a great bed side manner. She's extremely efficient in her examinations. And as far as her informing me. She's excellent. I always look forward to seeing her. She's a great lady.

  • The whole experience at the new Southcoast facility in Fairhaven was wonderful. The receptionist at Dr. Luc's was very helpful. I've known [Name] for a long time. Dr. Luc is one of the most wonderful doctors I've ever had. She never cuts me short and she answers all my questions, and she's very understanding. I'd recommend her to anybody. Thank you.

  • Dr Luc is very knowledgeable and caring.

  • Dr Luc was wonderful. I am new to her and she spent a lot of time asking questions and listening to me. I feel lucky to have her.

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Southcoast Health physician profiles now feature star ratings.  Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions about our process for calculating the ratings.

Why does Southcoast publish survey ratings online?
Southcoast is dedicated to providing patients and consumers with helpful information about the quality of our patients’ experiences. Star ratings published on our physician biography pages are based on actual responses from patients of that particular physician to patient satisfaction surveys that are distributed and processed by a national patient satisfaction survey vendor.

Who receives the survey?
Our vendor sends surveys via SMS or email to all patients seen in our outpatient physician practices who have a valid smart phone number or email address on file with Southcoast Health. Surveys are sent to patients within a few days of their appointment.

How is the Patient Satisfaction Star Rating Calculated?
Star ratings are calculated using an average of all survey responses to each of three questions: Courtesy and Respect of Staff, Provider Overall Rating, and  Willingness to Recommend Provider’s Office.  The star rating displayed on our physicians’ main biography page represents the average of the three measures for that particular physician.