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Relief for Urinary Tract Infections at Southcoast Health Urgent Care

Urinary tract infections affect the bladder, ureters and kidneys. They are common urological infections, and most respond quickly to treatment.

Find your nearest Southcoast Health Urgent Care to receive expert treatment for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Fall River, Lakeville, Seekonk or Wareham, MA as well as Middletown, RI. Our clinics are open seven days a week, including evenings and weekends, and take both appointments and walk-ins.

To get relief for your symptoms, visit a Southcoast Health Urgent Care location. Save your spot in line, and we’ll text you when it’s time to come to our clinic.

Care for Urinary Symptoms in Southeastern MA & RI

Signs and symptoms of a urinary tract infection include:

  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Burning or pain with urination
  • Fever or chills
  • Pressure in the lower belly
  • Reddish urine
  • Lower back pain

One or more of these symptoms should be present before a urine culture is ordered.  Please be sure to tell your provider about any changes to your baseline urinary health as this information will help your provider in choosing the best course of action to take care of you.

What Causes a Urinary Tract Infection?

UTIs happen when germs get into the urinary tract. A UTI could be caused by sex, changes in the vaginal environment, using a diaphragm for birth control, not emptying your bladder completely, having a catheter or wiping back to front.

How to Prevent & Treat Urinary Tract Infections

When you come to Southcoast Health Urgent Care with symptoms described above for treatment, your doctor may ask for a sample of your urine.  Proper collection of this specimen (mid-stream clean catch) is essential to identify if an infection is present.  This also will help identify appropriate treatment options.

How to Obtain a Clean-Catch Urine Specimen
Wash hands in warm soapy water prior to obtaining specimen
Male Patient Female Patient
1. Open specimen container without touching the cover or the inside of the cup.

2. Open cleansing wipe. Retract foreskin (if present) and use the cleansing wipe to clean the entire head of the penis.

3. Begin urinating into the toilet and bring the container into the stream to collect a clean, mid-stream specimen.

4. Finish urination into the toilet.

5. Secure the cover.

1. Open specimen container without touching the inside of the cup or the cover.

2. Open cleansing wipe. Separate the folds of the urinary opening with fingers and clean inside using one cleansing wipe, moving from the front to the back.

3. Clean one side and discard cleansing wipe.

4. With a new cleansing wipe: Clean middle and discard.

5 With a new cleansing wipe: Clean other side and discard.

6. Hold the folds open and begin urinating into the toilet.

7. Bring the specimen container into the stream and collect a clean, mid-stream specimen.

8. Finish urination into the toilet.

9. Secure the cover.

If you have three or more urinary tract infections in a year, your doctor may prescribe additional treatment to help prevent future UTIs.

If necessary, your urgent care provider can refer you to a qualified specialist nearby. Southcoast Health is a comprehensive network that can fully address your specialist needs.

Southcoast Health Urgent Care treats urinary tract infections in southeastern Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island at our clinics in Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Fall River, Lakeville, Seekonk and Wareham, MA as well as Middletown, RI.